Healthy lifestyle

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 April 2016
for many years to maintain a beautiful figure and positive energy for the whole day, every morning, you need to be sure to do gymnastics, or perform the exercise that you like.
Doctors advise to do exercises in the open air or in the open window, even in winter.In no case during the morning exercise program that you have defined for themselves, can not be overstrained.Morning exercises should you "charge" and freshen up, not leave behind fatigue.Very useful after a morning exercise and hydrotherapy hardening.
Every woman is useful to know that premature aging can be avoided by eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, do gymnastics, do not have bad habits, more smiling, always interested in something new, and enjoy life.
spring usually overcomes all depressed, plus also beriberi.In general, the condition is not a pleasant one.Daily morning sponging with cool water with salt (10 g. Of salt dissolved in 0.5 liters of water) will return you fit and in good mood.
restore strength and improve your mood you will be in the spring, young nettle leaves, finely chopped and added to any salad.You can wring the juice of nettle leaves and drink it daily for 100g.
full and healthy sleep is vital to every person to a healthy existence.Remember that the daily need for sleep is nine women, and men eight hours a day.