Diseases of the Foot

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 April 2016
Many older people observed accumulation of salts in the heels.For its resorption need to do one simple exercise.Pour into a small calico bag a handful of pebbles and walk on it for a few minutes.Do this exercise every day.
salt deposits in the heels you can try to treat with hot foot baths with the addition of broth following charges: heather, lungwort and motherwort.After taking a bath, doctors recommend to put on the heels of a mass of 1 egg mixed with turpentine.
People associated with the work, which involves the burden on the feet, such as hairdressers or sellers, are more likely to suffer from varicose veins.This disease is associated with dilation of veins, cramps, swelling.If the disease is not in time to see a doctor, the case could end up surgery.This serious disease can be prevented in between work takes a special gymnastics and conduct short massages.The complex of exercises required you can suggest a specialist.And the most simple of them - running, moving a little ball on t
he floor using a foot treadle rotation, a smooth transition from the toe to the heel.
cause of leg edema can be a variety of diseases: varicose veins, heart failure, obesity, difficult pregnancy proceeds.Remove the swelling will help decoction of flax seed (60g 4 cups of water, boil for 20 minutes).The broth infuse for 40-50 minutes.Drink 100g of broth every 2-3 hours to 20 days and you will feel relief.
The resulting corn can bring a lot of discomfort, and get rid of it, at times, very difficult.We offer you the following method.Make a hot foot bath, how to dry your feet and attach to corn slice of lemon.After 2-3 days the corn will disappear.
Get rid of the pain in my knees help burdock leaves or cabbage, you need to apply to the sore spot.Do not expect quick results, the pain will pass completely in just six months.
Varicose veins in its early stage can be treated with herbal medicines and various herbs.Get rid of the pain of varicose veins can be infusion of fruits and flowers of chestnut (2 tablespoons to 2 cups of alcohol, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1, to insist 10 days).The infusion is used both for external use and the inner (28 drops every 3 hours).