How to choose a mattress?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 April 2016

good and proper rest - is the key to health and wellness.Depending on how you spent the night, folded and your next day.Orthopedic mattress - is a guarantee of a good sleep, the correct position of the body on the bed, and, therefore, and wellness.

What mattress?

during our grandparents slept on a feather bed and cotton mattresses.Today, more and more people prefer an orthopedic mattress.Initially, these products were intended only for people suffering from diseases of the back.For example, the testimony of the acquisition of orthopedic mattress are bending and deformation of the spine, low back pain, scoliosis and others.Of course, one is not enough for a mattress, you need a whole range of treatments to cure these diseases, but the back pain will bother you much less.

Today, under the orthopedic mattress is meant one which ensures the correct position of the body during sleep.The ideal position of the spine during sleep - is a direct condition.That's why the selection of an orthopedic mattress sho

uld be performed depending on the individual characteristics of a person, in particular on the weight of his body.No wonder every mattress manufacturer specifies the maximum permissible load on one berth in kilograms.

What are the mattresses?

most popular mattresses classification divides them into spring and springless.Each of these has its own distinctive features.Some people prefer one type, while others prefer another.Obvious advantages at a mattress with springs or without them there.

mattresses, which is located inside the spring unit are both outer sides of the layers that separate the body lying on their person by direct interaction with springs.Springs may be dependent (type Bonnel) or independent.The first is hardly orthopedic, as under the influence of one of the springs are set in motion and all the rest.Consequently, the orthopedic effect is practically not observed.

Another thing - an independent spring.This mattress will support the spine in the correct position, and the pressure on one spring does not affect the others.In addition to orthopedic effect it should be noted that these mattresses are very comfortable.If you sleep on it two, then each of them will feel comfortable.If you want to buy a really good mattress, then it is better to choose a model with independent spring block.

second criterion, which is important when choosing a mattress - a material layer.Polyurethane foam, natural latex, memoriform, felt, coconut coir - these are the most popular types of layers.Choose one of them may be due to personal preferences.Typically, manufacturers are allowed to lie down on the mattress, so that the client was convinced that lie on it comfortably.

stiffness mattresses are divided into three categories: hard, soft and medium hardness.There is a myth that hard mattresses - the most useful.In reality it is not.Choosing the stiffness of the mattress should be based on individual preferences and the human physique.For skinny girls, adolescents and children are most suitable springless mattresses or soft mattresses with independent springs.

for middle physique fit mattress of medium hardness.A very hard mattress full of people need to ensure optimum support of the body during sleep.If you have back problems, choosing a mattress should heed the advice of a doctor.He can advise on the stiffness of the mattress that best suits you and your spine.