Increased cholesterol, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 April 2016

cholesterol levels in the blood usually do not care about the person as long as there are no health problems.What is the substance and what is its role in the body?

Cholesterol is a component of cell membranes.It is an organic compound which regulates the synthesis of many hormones, vitamin D production, the formation of bile acids, helps digest food.Also, the substance participated in the neuroregulation of the brain and protects the organs from cancer.The basic amount of cholesterol the body produces man, and with the food gets only 20%.

Standards: what are they?

The human body produces cholesterol as much as they need for their own needs.The normal amount of the substance is up to 5 mmol / l.Mark up to 6.4 mmol / L indicates its slight but acceptable increase, 6,5-7,8 mmol / l - tall, and more than 7.8 mmol / l - a potentially dangerous for humans.

What is dangerous excess cholesterol?

number of organic compounds is an indicator of many diseases.If the level is high, it indicates a problem with

the blood vessels, which is several times increases the risk of heart attack and even stroke.Most often these disorders occur after the person 40 kaletnego age, so these people are advised to check cholesterol levels regularly.

High cholesterol: Causes

to develop a mechanism to combat this phenomenon, it is necessary to identify its cause.This can be:

  • disruption of the liver - the main cholesterol is synthesized by the liver and intestine, so if these organs begin to work less, it affects the level of the organic compound;
  • weight - with an increase in body weight of human body begins to produce large amounts of cholesterol for their own needs;
  • presence of a tumor - if the human body and there is growing malignancy, liver automatically increases the secretion of cholesterol (this pathology is found only in 0.1% of cases).

How to cope with the problem?

If analysis shows an excess of cholesterol in the blood is first necessary to verify the accuracy of the results.Upon confirmation of the results after repeated blood donation must be taken.

is primarily therapeutic diet and weight reduction.Diet is aimed at increasing the level of protein and fat in the body and reducing fat.Therefore it is necessary to abandon the sausages, fatty meats, fried foods.The daily demand for lecithin provide 2 eggs, 150 grams of boiled chicken or beef, 200 grams of cheese, 25 grams of fish, a cup of yogurt / milk, 40 grams of baked beans or lentils.

diet - only an aid.It is necessary to ensure that the cells of the liver normalized production of bile acids, which are and spend all excess cholesterol.Will the herbs - extract of immortelle.It helps to restore the normal production of bile acids by the liver cells, even dissolve small gallstones.All excess cholesterol is engaged in this process, and then excreted in the bile.It is also necessary to increase physical activity - so the cholesterol will go to the recovery of the body after training.

At higher rates of cholesterol in the blood compared to other negative factors the doctor often appoints drugs that block its synthesis in the liver.High-risk group are people with:

  • coronary heart disease, hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • overweight.

of the disease may be complicated by smoking and advanced age - over 75 years.Before the appointment shall treat analysis on liver function tests, which will determine the cause of high cholesterol (disorders of the liver or heart).

A quarter-half-year analysis gives up again.If the figures in the normal range, treatment is interrupted, and then surrenders control analysis.At constant "jumps" indicator cholesterol treatment can be made posthumously to the regular monitoring of the situation and diet.

If the treatment is not reduced cholesterol levels, or increase the dose of drugs or other drugs are selected.The final choice rests with the treating doctor, to engage in self-medicate is not necessary.Treatment is considered successful if the indicator has decreased by at least 50% from baseline.