What happens if you drink vinegar?

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01 April 2016

Vinegar enjoys every woman, it is always available in the house.It is used not only in the kitchen but also for commercial purposes.In the old days girls drank vinegar for weight loss and giving pale appearance.Harmless whether vinegar and what happens if you drink it?


vinegar Vinegar - a product comprising acetic acid.It is obtained by microbiological synthesis using acetic acid bacteria from food raw material containing alcohol.Vinegar is a natural and synthetic.

vinegar is prepared by diluting a certain amount of vinegar and water, which contains up to 80% acetic acid.The product has a specific odor of the acid.

In natural vinegar contains acetic acid in addition to food acids - malic, tartaric, citric, complex alcohols, aldehydes, esters, which in combination impart flavor.

as a raw material in the production of natural vinegar used and rectified ethyl alcohol, as well as fruit juices and fermented wine stocks.Oxidation of the alcohol used with the acetic acid bacteria.After fermentat

ion vinegar purified, pasteurized, if necessary, diluted and dispensed.

consequences of drinking vinegar

If accidentally or intentionally drink vinegar weak concentration in a small number, much harm to the body, he does not reason, if a person is healthy.If he has the disease - enteritis, colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer or bowel may occur their aggravation.This is due to the fact that drinking vinegar irritating to the mucous membranes, enhances the activity of digestive glands.

Admission as a large number of strength vinegar or vinegar is fraught with bad consequences, including death.Very often it happens vinegar poisoning in young children because of the carelessness of parents, holding vinegar in accessible locations.

Also, there are cases of deliberate poisoning vinegar adults, with the aim of settling accounts with life, as well as its use of random people prone to alcoholism, which can be mistaken for alcohol-containing beverage.In addition, the vinegar can be poisoned by breathing its vapors, and not only a way of ingestion.

What happens if you drink vinegar?

vinegar If poisoning due to chemical burns mucosa person experiences a burning pain in the throat and stomach.There is swelling of the throat, upset stomach, vomiting occurs.The patient is inherent in a strong sense of thirst.Urine can be painted in a dark color with a reddish tinge, increased protein in the urine, kidney failure may occur.

The mucosa of food becomes friable, swells, ulcers can occur, sometimes - perforation of the wall.By drinking large amounts of vinegar (50 grams), death can occur.Therefore, when vinegar poisoning requires immediate medical help.

What if drank vinegar?

Immediately call an ambulance, and before that to provide all possible assistance to the patient.First aid for poisoning This is this:

  • in the neck area to apply ice packs;
  • drink cold water, milk;
  • eat slimy decoctions of rice, barley grits or flax seed;
  • drinking lime water.

If possible, perform gastric lavage.