What happens if you eat a pencil from pencil?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 April 2016

Caring parents of small children are always afraid that they pulled into the mouth dangerous objects and think about the possible consequences.For example, what happens if you eat a pencil from the pencil as it can affect the condition of the body?

For a long time in teenage schoolchildren popular tale that if you eat a pencil from the pencil, then this can cause elevation of body temperature and, therefore, good reason for missing school lessons.But only if it can provoke Once inside the human body pencil lead?

elevated temperatures

Eaten lead pencil is really capable of raising the temperature of the human body.However, performance is likely to rise to 37.5 ° C, a maximum of 38 ° C.This keeps such artificially raised the temperature is not more than 4 hours.To achieve this effect, it is necessary to remove lead from a pencil, chop it and eat, washed down with fluid.However, in no case can not be used for this purpose crude tap water - such a combination in most cases diarrhea ends.You can also pr

e-pound pencil lead in powder or even bite - moistened with saliva it easily penetrate the human esophagus.After a half an hour after drinking the lead of the pencil people feel a strong warming of the body.At the same time, most likely, it will be an unpleasant smell from the mouth and a headache.

Other consequences

If chewed pencil lead, you can get severe poisoning of the body, make the disorder of the digestive system, diarrhea.The greatest negative impact of ingested lead from a pencil has on young children and school age.For adults, the effects may be less unpleasant, but is still dependent on the number and characteristics of the lead ingested organism particularly taken person.Once in the body in large quantities even pencil lead can lead to irreversible consequences.

In modern times in the manufacture of pencils are increasingly using synthetic graphite as an alternative to the present.This material is also dangerous to similar consequences.In addition, all the negative effects on the body increases when it comes to the slate is not easy, and colored pencil, which included noted, inter alia, color pigments and fillers, providing additional portion harm.

use in medicine

Surprisingly, despite all the negative characteristics that are inherent of slate pencil, the substance is also used for medicinal purposes.In particular, the practice of homeopathic treatment, believing that the lead will help ease the feeling of patients suffering from such ailments, such as stomach ulcer or gastritis.

Thus, from a pencil lead, getting into the human body, can pose a serious threat to health.That is why parents should not be left unattended young children playing with pencils or portray (especially color).And students are not superfluous to know that this method of raising body temperature popular with "legitimate" truants, in modern times easily evaluated by experienced doctors - specialist will certainly ask to open his mouth in order to examine the throat, and immediately see the gray tongue by which and see throughdeception.