Why can not I sleep in a bra?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 April 2016

Most women said bra with one of the best inventions in the world, because with the help of this simple, but a sexual accessory can not only hide the shortcomings, and even, on the contrary, to emphasize the dignity of your bust.However, for all but especially for the beauty you have to pay over time and tend to their health, especially if you have a habit not to remove her bra at night.

What happens to the body while wearing a bra?

As everybody knows, a woman wearing a bra is not just.Basically this type of underwear is designed to give the correct form of the bust, regardless of size and individual characteristics, but because the ideal shape of the breast in the bust is achieved by squeezing the breast, and it is fraught with consequences, especially if the compression takes place around the clock.

While wearing a bra blood supply to the breast and armpits, which, incidentally, is located lymph nodes is disturbed that over time can result not only in mastopathy, or inflammation of the mammary duct

s, but also in breast cancer, problems with lactationlactation, as well as swelling of the feet and skin problems.

addition to squeezing the breast in a bra experiences and other inconveniences, especially if a bra is made of synthetic materials, has a foam filler or pushat and bones.Because of this material the skin of the breast can not breathe, which causes sweating, which in turn irritates the delicate skin of the bust and eventually reduce breast tenderness.

have a negative impact and gum bra that not only support the chest, but also put pressure on the spinal column, which provokes and nerve entrapment, and curvature of the spine and lower back problems, and subsequently blood circulation problems in general.It is hard to imagine that the constant wearing of a bra with time can cause postural problems, or cardiovascular system and, nevertheless, it is.

Why can not wear a bra for the night?

night the body must rest, but instead choked blood vessels elastic bands have to fight for every drop of blood that should go to the mammary gland, carrying the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

If we women are so uncomfortable to sleep without the usual supporting the breast, you can buy a special nightwear, which has the form of a topic, gently holding the breast in the usual state without foam and pitted.In addition, this type of lingerie is made from natural materials that allow the skin to breathe, which is important.

And another interesting point.It argued that the chest at night is growing faster, respectively bra helps her give the correct form.Bust of a woman is really growing at night, but the bra, foam is particularly tight and does not have a positive impact in the formation of the correct form of breast cancer, but just the contrary, prevents the natural process.