Why do the leaves fall from the indoor lemon?

By Admin | Magic Plants
02 April 2016

Today it has become fashionable to grow indoors various types of citrus and very popular among his "relatives" it uses lemon.So what?!The plant pretty quickly germinates, adapts perfectly to the ambient atmosphere, beautiful blooms profusely and, in the end pleases his master abundant fruiting!

However, this seemingly nekapriznoe plant does not always grow without problems, it is that lemon without obvious to you on the reasons begins to drop leaves.Even inexperienced florist in such cases, it becomes clear that if time does not interfere and does not help, reset most of the citrus foliage or simply die!

What causes the leaves to fall off a lemon?

often cause leaf fall lemon becomes invalid care and that the room in which the plant is grown.Therefore, in order to independently determine the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, think, and what has changed in the room recently, said so on the condition of a lemon?

  • Like any other water-loving plants, lemon sharply reacts to the lack of moisture in th
    e room, so its crown periodically sprayed with water.In addition, if miscalculate with watering the roots of the plant and pour the lemon also react negatively, and depending on how many such phenomena weaken the plant, dropping a few leaves or a part of the crown.
  • often clears leaves lemon, which recently moved from one room to another.Why ?!The reason daylight, a new indoor sunlight can be in excess or, conversely, substantially lacking.Towards a new atmosphere of citrus has not yet had time to get used to.
  • may fall on the plant became a draft or some reason there was an abrupt change is likely temperature drop.
  • Reset the leaves after their preliminary yellowing may lemon, which recently fertilize properly.This happens when you do not have guessed overlooking the fertilizer or its amount.The roots of the plants a little tan and now he needs time to get stronger and come in a natural state of his.When
  • lemon grows and it becomes a little space, it is primarily affects its appearance, including in the dropping of leaves.
  • citrus diseases also lead to dropping of leaves, as, indeed, and available on a plant pest.

How to stop the falling of leaves room lemons?

To stop the defoliation of his "household", try not to delay this phenomenon and find the cause immediately after falling off a few leaves.Do not let the greater part of the crown turn yellow and the plant will lose its healthy appearance.

Once you understand the cause of what is happening with lemon phenomenon, it will be easy to decide on a fix, because the most important factor is excluded, leading to the dropping of leaves and lemon to create a comfortable environment for the growth!To continue to avoid such effects, try to do everything right in terms of care and contain the citrus plant of decent conditions!