How to restore the nasal mucosa after drops?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 March 2016

Runny nose - a nuisance that ever happened to anyone.Treatment of the common cold can be fast and efficient, and can lead to adverse consequences.Some nasal drops and means to facilitate breathing addictive and subsequently dried and damage the nasal mucosa.If you want to advance to avoid these problems, you should carefully read the instructions.If you are already "hooked" on a drug and damaged mucosa, it's time to do her recovery.


If the drops that you are using dried mucous and relieve you from the cold, try other drugs, such as funds for the nose by sea water.They have no antimicrobial activity and are used for washing.With their help, all washed out mucus.The mucous membrane of the nose is softened and restored.

Most homeopathic remedies have a mild effect.They are aimed at the preservation of the nasal mucosa and its recovery from injury, while eliminating the common cold.

available on prescription Protargolum produced in pharmaceutical laboratories on request.It fights bacteria

without damaging the nasal mucosa.Protargol quickly and effectively relieves rhinitis adults and children, without causing addiction.

immunomodulators used in the treatment of the common cold, are effective for getting rid of rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis.They heal, restore and improve local mucosa immunity.

If you have used for the treatment of vasoconstrictor drugs, it is possible to restore the mucous membrane using a cosmetic oil.Especially effective sea buckthorn oil and peach, but if sea buckthorn oil has a bright color, peach colorless, it can be used completely unnoticed.

pinosol drugs, which are produced in various forms, intended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and reduce inflammation.If rhinitis has already passed, and the mucosa is damaged, use the ointment for her recovery.

Folk remedies

As you know, traditional medicine offers a solution to all problems.To restore nasal drops after our grandmothers often used inhalation.Thanks to them once it becomes easier to breathe.Everyone remembers the way of inhalation of hot boiled potatoes when to take cover with a blanket and inhale hot potato couples.Another way - pound onion and garlic and pour over boiling water, insert the paper into a glass funnel and breathe steam.

Aloe juice and decoction of oak bark and moisturize the mucous.Useful for washing the infusion of chamomile and calendula.If mixed with petrolatum crushed leaves of a walnut, you get an effective cream that moisturizes the mucosa.In the same action the turundy and honey.

But still, if you have any problems with shortness of breath, swelling of the mucous membrane or the banal cold, better consult a doctor.He will select competent treatment and advise effective and safe drugs to get rid of the problem.