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31 March 2016
will stop advancing cold lemon.You can, have a lemon with peel, carefully chewing.It contains essential oils beneficial effect on the mucous membrane irritation of the throat.
When angina is very good onion juice, it should drink 1 teaspoon at least four times a day.
throat with a cold rinse the baking soda can, Calendula, kalanchoe juice, diluted with water (1: 1), and red beet juice, which added 2 teaspoons of acetic acid.To achieve a positive result, gargle necessary every 3 hours for several days.
Coughing helps you to mix crushed to a fine powder of licorice root (1 tsp), and fennel seeds (0.5 teaspoons), with the addition of sugar (1 teaspoon).A small amount of the mixture (in conic knife) taken orally at least twice a day.
To protect yourself from the flu should avoid relationships with people who are sick already, often ventilate the room to dress for the weather and to eat more vitamins.
If you are still caught in a large crowd of people or to the company wh
ere there are people who are suffering flu, then give yourself a solid unit against the disease, convince yourself that you do not catch them.If you let fear or doubt creep into the soul, it believes that it is in a hospital bed.
If your city is raging flu epidemic in your apartment already has a few patients, the health of your family from the flu will help keep the onions.Take the whole onion, cut it into several pieces and leave the room where the patient lies.Excellent remedy for the common cold - a steam bath with chamomile.When a bad cold will help the infusion of hypericum.Impregnated vatochku infusion should be placed in each nostril and leave it for a while.Periodically change the wool.St. John's wort is very effective in inflammatory processes in the throat and oral mucosa.Rinsing should be done every 3 hours.
Get rid of the cough assist inhalation with mint and eucalyptus leaf (a few drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint tincture in 1 liter of hot water).Even the chronic cough will be held if at night in small sips to drink milk, boiled with mature fruit of the fennel and add it to tea.At strong colds good 4-5 times a day to eat a tablespoon of chopped onion mixed with honey.This method of treatment can substitute antibiotics.
When starting a cold is very useful tea with lemon, if you add the schepotochku black pepper and a teaspoon of honey.Good help for colds herbal tea made from linden flowers (1 tablespoon), hips (10-15 pcs.), Chamomile (1 teaspoon), mother and stepmother (0.5 teaspoon) and psyllium (1 tablespoon).They drink tea 3-4 times a day.If desired, it add 1 teaspoon of honey.Not everyone knows that roses can not only bring us aesthetic pleasure in their contemplation, but also have medicinal properties.For example, a decoction of their petals is very useful in angina and compresses can relieve a headache, and another of rose petals makes an excellent lotion for oily skin.
Sometimes common cold can cause starting cystitis and frequent painful urination.In this situation, you can help a decoction of onion (cut whole onion with peel, pour 500 ml of water and boil to reduce the liquid twice) that you want to drink every morning on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes eating.
winter often we strongly merznu standing at the bus stop waiting for transport.But the consequence of this - colds.But if you want a cold is not too difficult to handle, the main thing - to observe some rules.If you have sensitive skin, then before going out be sure to smear fat cream cheeks, lips and nose.Try to dress warmly, but that the clothes do not hold down your movements.Remember that the movement - it is warm.
With a cold can be very easy to lose your voice.Loss of voice sometimes characteristic for certain professions, for example, for teachers is a common thing.We offer you some tips on restoration of voting.Return voice will gargling milk, which for 20 minutes cooked carrots.Good voice restores the juice of fresh cabbage or turnips.Drink it should slowly.A good effect in the absence of voices gives gargling milk mixed with egg yolk.If you apply before going to bed to compress the throat of warmed cheese or sunflower oil, it certainly will find a voice in the morning.
When running cold, which is accompanied by a strong cough, runny nose, constant headaches, is very good guelder rose decoction.To prepare it, you need to put 100 g viburnum berries in a small saucepan, add to 4 cups of warm water, let it brew for a little berries and then simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.The resulting broth is cool, put it 6 teaspoons of honey and take 300 ml every 3 hours.
When cold aloe juice can be instilled into the nose (2 drops in each nostril) at least three times a day.This tool quickly save you from a cold.