What does a birthmark on the blade?

By Admin | Signs
29 March 2016

is believed that in ancient times people are so well known all about the human body that could easily determine not only his character, but also the priorities and objectives, looking only at the location of the moles on his body!Today, of course, is controversial opinions, because medicine and ordinary people in this regard has always been my opinion.

If you listen to what is said to us ancestors and take into account, to compare some of the nuances about the behavior and character of the person, there are several takes on a particular location of moles on the body and more incredible is that this is more believable than not.

What does a birthmark located on the blade?

has always been that if a mole is where its owner alone, without the use of mirrors can not see, so he was incredibly lucky - he is a happy man and he existence of such moles will only luck!Moles that are on the blades, apply it to the happiness of bringing such marks on the body, but for the men and women there are exceptions!

man with a birthmark on the blade

man, whose right shoulder blade has at least one mole, can rightly be attributed to the virtues that are in their lives just do that work tirelessly, trying to gloss over everything for the better, but because-this soft nature, excessive shyness he has practically nothing and has nothing.Life often presents a surprise for him, he's all take for granted, and go ahead!

When the mole is on the left shoulder blade, we can say that this man just a superhero!It is perfect from all sides and can be seen with the naked eye!Love, career, our plans - everything is easy and without problems in his work.Usually, these are the men differ a great fortune, put together at a young age.

woman with a birthmark on the blade

When left scapula a woman flaunts a mole, we can safely say that this lady - a real goddess, she is feminine, beautiful and knows it yourself!However, it keeps the terrible memories of an unhappy childhood and, perhaps, so it is always good to others, and everyone is trying to support.Her talents know no borders, which actually makes it an object of envy among women.

birthmark on the right scapula suggests that its possessor is simple, and its love of truth sometimes prevents her live!But despite this, these women do not need the money, they are always there, and the family they all right!