How long can I wear them?

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31 March 2016

Only strict adherence to the rules of wearing contact lenses can ensure a feeling of comfort, excellent view and the lack of risk of various types of ophthalmic diseases.To contact lenses did not reduce vision, experts recommend wearing them only a clearly defined period, after which they must either be discarded or left to soak special medical solution.


safety of long lens wear depends on many factors, both objective and subjective, but mostly on the type of lens.They are hard and soft.The first type can be worn for a longer period of time.However, they are less comfortable than soft.Usually, the doctor prescribes them for the purpose of vision correction, respectively, wearing them is exactly the period of time that experts recommend.Most often wearing hard lenses held special medical courses.It can range from one month to one year.It all depends on the type of disease and its stage.

Soft lenses in turn come in two categories: the hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.Gidrolevy class are chara

cterized by low oxygen permeability.In view of this particular day should wear them no more than 12 hours.The very same product, in fact, is disposable.If we talk about the total duration of wearing these lenses, it should not exceed one year.After this period, you must take a break lasting at least six months.Then you can use the product again.

second type of soft lenses - silicone hydrogel.They can be worn for up to 1.5 years without a break, but overnight the product will certainly need to be removed and placed in a special liquid feed.It should be noted that such lenses are of different types.Some of them are shown to wear only a week, some may be used per month, some products are shown to use up to six months and no more, that is, in the abstract on the wearing of the product clearly described the recommended duration of the validity and operation of a particular class of lenses, and in each brand it candiffer significantly from one another.

cause and effect

Some patients due to various reasons like violating medical prescription.What is fraught with and whether to allow such negligence in relation to their own health?The answer is that ophthalmologists.In that case, if you do not abide by the terms of wearing contact lenses of any type, eye body begins to experience a permanent anoxia.And this, in turn, is very detrimental to the health of the eye.Over time, lack of oxygen will inevitably lead to the fact that the cornea begins to grow over the blood vessels.As a consequence, it will not be feasible and final loss of vision.Therefore, experts strongly recommend not to treat carelessly to wear ophthalmic lenses in order to avoid serious health problems.