What happens if you wear lenses longer term?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 March 2016

buying lenses, many experts emphasize customer at time of wearing them.Some people believe that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy.Others are strictly follow these recommendations, with the fear of harm to their health.On whose side is right?What happens if you wear lenses longer than the due date?Let's sort out the details of these important issues.


Today, there are three categories of means of correction, which have a different term wear:

  1. Transient.This is the cheapest option, which does not require treatment and special care.After removing the need to dispose of them.
  2. planned replacement.Their term wearing of thirty days.However, each time after wearing the lenses should be placed in a special container and pour the solution.Sleep in them is not recommended.
  3. Quarterly.Similar to the second category, only the period of use is thirty and ninety days.

They are made of different materials: hydrogel and silicone.

Can I wear lenses longer term?

wear lenses longer period is stri

ctly prohibited.The fact is that over time they become contaminated, resulting in oxygen to the eyeball receives much worse, which in turn significantly increases the risk of hypoxia, keratitis and conjunctivitis, and other diseases of inflammatory character, because the eye breathe over its entire surface.Yes, of course, every day you clean the product with a special solution.However, it can not completely remove all dirt particles cosmetics, lipid and protein deposits, causing his ball remains thin and layered, which negatively affects our health.Thus, the period indicated and recommended for lens wear, is optimal.Compliance with this rule will not harm your health.If

shift lenses to spend one or two days later, no serious consequences this will not lead.But remember, if you so want to save a little by postponing the purchase of two weeks, you have to spend a lot more money for treatment, that you will agree, is not very happy.

And finally, remember, no manufacturer wants to harm his client, because he understands that it depends on its reputation and customer base that will get you a second time, his product or not.Therefore, every package contact lens instruction manual, which are described in detail how to care for the second "eye", the material from which they are made and their long service life.Arriving home, be sure to read this information, as it is useful, and focuses on the important details.However, many experts recommend in the box to record the date when you first put them on.Also, it can be made to the calendar on your phone.This way you will remember when they need to be replaced and, of course, do not forget and do not miss such an important day.

Stay healthy!