How to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 March 2016

Even the smallest failure in the structure of the blood vessels can cause irreparable problems in the whole body, especially when it comes to the blood vessels of the brain.Weak and fragile blood vessels in the area reduces the viability of human, limiting its ability to lead to a series of diseases.Perhaps the worst thing that can be expected - is a risk of stroke.

first signs of weakness of the blood vessels of the brain

in violation of the vessels, as well as the weakening of the body usually takes the following signals:

  • heat intolerance, meteozavisimost;
  • frequent fluctuations in body temperature and blood pressure;
  • discomfort, darkening of the eyes with a sharp rising;
  • fatigue, increased heart rate, regular orthostatic syncope;
  • limbs always cold;
  • regular headaches, a feeling of "ache" in the joints.

After 30 years, most of the above symptoms become typical for almost every second person.These features are not yet indicate the presence of any disease, but they are undeniable signals ind

icating the need to strengthen the blood vessels.

Change passive lifestyle

strengthen blood vessels of the brain, can be adhering to the simple, and besides pleasant recommendations:

  1. Douches a day.The procedure makes the whole body blood vessels contract and expand rapidly (depending on the temperature of water), spending for their good "charging".
  2. bath at least once a week.Steam treatments help the entire cardiovascular system, purify, remove toxins from it and prevent blood stagnation, which can also cause weakening of the vessels.
  3. Abdominal breathing.Breathing is not a breast, and stomach 2-3 times a day for two minutes, the blood system will work more actively.After earning a full belly of air in the forehead can be felt not very pleasant feeling of compression.After a month of breathing practice, when the vessels will be strengthened, this uncomfortable phenomenon disappears.
  4. Proper sleep.Nothing can injure blood vessels stronger than the need to work without rest.
  5. Self-massage.Every day, before going to bed to enhance blood flow to the head is necessary to carry out a five-minute massage.To conduct this procedure, you can use a hair brush, a special massage device or the fingertips.

No less restorative and preventive action have active sports, you need to spend at least three times a week.For those who already have problems with blood vessels, the load should be moderate, do not lead to increased pressure.

Products to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain

most important taboo in weak vessels of the brain - fats, but abandon them completely impossible, they are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain.A great source for daily intake of healthy fats would be one avocado, 30 grams of nuts or seeds.

strengthen the walls of blood vessels and to facilitate their work will help the following products:

  • berries and dark grapes (thin the blood, making it easier to flow);
  • dark chocolate (protects blood vessels from oxidative processes);
  • olive oil (lowers blood pressure);
  • almonds, walnuts (do coronary vessels stronger);
  • spinach, cabbage, carrots (rich in folic acid, are preventive effect against Alzheimer's disease).

Remarkably strengthens blood vessels of the need for increased activity, will contribute to this daily drink plenty of water.