How to restore the body's metabolism?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 March 2016

metabolism, or as it is called, consists of two metabolic functions.This synthesis of substances and their subsequent cleavage.Even balance of these two phenomena is the proper metabolism, if the synthesis exceeds cleavage, metabolism called reduced if exceeded - increased.People with low metabolism are often overweight, even when small amounts of food consumed daily.Persons with rapid metabolism can not gain weight, but fortunately, this innate problem can be corrected.

correct recovery techniques metabolism

It is worth noting that the process of stabilization of the metabolism takes a long time - from one month to three.All the rules of this work will encourage a healthy lifestyle, as they need to adhere to the time, and only occasionally, you can give yourself a little indulgence.

Basic Rules restore metabolism:

  1. need to eat a balanced, that is, the daily diet should include a small amount of complex carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables), animal protein (meat, poultry or fish, dairy products o
    r eggs) andvegetable fat.
  2. In no case can not skip breakfast.Breakfast serves as a signal for the metabolism and gives rise to the active work of the digestive system all day.Especially one who eats well in the morning, never overeat in the evening.
  3. There should be every 3-4 hours.The weight of the fractional portion of the diet should not exceed 200-250 g Thus, the metabolism will run continuously and not be able to show sluggishness.
  4. Calorie daily diet should not be higher than 1200 calories and not less than 1500 calories.Reducing caloric combined with fractional power immediately will cause the metabolism to break down literally all food items, as the body will feel a strong need for them.
  5. Disclaimer short-term diets.Most diets make people have a rare and few.In a state of starvation metabolism slows down considerably, since he does not work with.In addition, the organism is in a state of stress, trying to stock up as much as possible from the resulting fat even minimum food.
  6. Drinking enough water.Water - the only product with zero calories.Despite this, it is also rasshevelivaet metabolism as passes almost all of the standard steps of digestion.
  7. active sports.Week daily 20-30 minute time fitness accelerate metabolism by at least 30%.

For those who want to speed up your metabolism, you need to make the menu so as to lean meat products occupies a primary niche.Protein is digested long and hard, metabolism spends a lot of calories to assimilate it.If you want to slow down your metabolism, you need to consume more quickly digestible foods - carbohydrates and fats.

Do not neglect dairy products.It is not only rich in protein products, but also products that help to lose weight.They are perfectly clean intestines, removes toxins that prevent rapid metabolism.With reduced use of calories should be given their preference for low fat cottage cheese, yoghurt, kefir, milk.With increased metabolism can consume fat dairy products.

And last, but not least important products - coffee and tea.Coffee, as a stimulant of the central nervous system, in an amount of 100 ml capable force metabolism "burn" to 170 kcal by simple consumption.Also, caffeine give energy for active sports.Even more positive qualities of green tea.It is present in the antioxidant catechin increases the metabolism by as much as 12%.For this portion of the beverage should be no less than 300 ml.