Hellebore water lice

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30 March 2016

hellebore water is equal to a proportionate mixture of water and bleach infusion Lobel (medicinal plants).Meritsy Lobel widely used in the fight against lice, they contain a high percentage of natural alkaloids - harmful substances toxic to the parasite.Besides the extract of this plant is able to destroy those present on the scalp bacteria and fungi, promoting dandruff and loss of hair.

Doctors do not recommend to abuse hellebore water, its use should be limited to one time of 7-10 days.With this mixture of its elements are absorbed into the body minimum quantities, but with prolonged use, the active drug is capable of rubbing a negative impact on health, cause dizziness and nausea.

hellebore water: indications and contraindications

Despite the excellent cosmetic effects hellebore water, use it to prevent hair loss and dandruff cure is not necessary.The only indication of the drug is treating pediculosis pubis and head.The main result from its use - almost sudden death of present population of lic

e along with the larvae.Hellebore solution forbidden for persons with poor tolerance of at least one of its constituent components.The drug should not be applied to the skin with burns, open wounds and pronounced dermatological infections.

drug is prohibited to use pregnant women and mothers in feeding a child.During the application of drugs to watch out for his contact with the mucous membrane of the eye, respiratory and oral routes.If it gets in these areas are affected area with plenty of water.Provides treatment of the mixture is allowed only for persons older than 12 years.

way to use hellebore water

, if used properly, the mixture is absolutely secure.

Dosing hellebore water:

  1. Before performing head thoroughly washed with shampoo (shampoo washed out with plenty of water).
  2. contents of the vial with the drug intensively shaken.
  3. hellebore water is distributed on the scalp and hair with a cotton swab, in any case, not your bare hands.Special attention should be given to areas of the temples and neck.
  4. After the distribution of the mixture is put on the head of a plastic bag on top - warm hat.It should immediately wash their hands and throw it all used aids.
  5. After 30 minutes of head washed well with warm water, then she re-washes with shampoo.Keep the medication on his head for more than 30 minutes, it is prohibited.
  6. When the hair is washed, combed their thin crest.It is desirable that some of those present helped clear his head of the nits.
  7. room in which were treated, ventilated with fresh air from outside.It should not be pets.

Cleaning head of nits is one of the most important points in the procedure.Some larvae are extremely strong protective cocoon, do not allow the drug to penetrate the larva.If single use hellebore water does not relieve the person of lice completely, carry out the procedure can be repeated no earlier than 7 days.

also made hellebore water to disinfect linens patient, 1 jar when washing the drug is added to 20 liters of water with detergent, followed by thorough rinsing.When you purchase this drug should be aware that even one mg of the drug consumed, got into the body, it can cause a fatal descent.