Can the nursing mother watermelon?

By Admin | Food For Children
05 April 2016

abundance of berries, especially in the summer is literally reduces breastfeeding women crazy.Eat everything and want as much as possible!But every mother knows that breastfeeding period - not the best time to treat yourself to a variety of goodies, because at this time, first of all, you need to think about the baby and about nutrition!Let's talk about watermelons, whether they can be there during the breastfeeding period, and if so, at what time and in what quantity?

Watermelon breastfeeding

eat watermelon while breastfeeding is not prohibited at any time of the day.Just like any other product is administered in the diet of women it should gradually and in small amounts.It is necessary to monitor changes in the state of the child and at the slightest hint abnormal stop eating watermelon at all.

Value watermelon breastfeeding

When used correctly, watermelon (we are talking only about the fresh fruits that are grown exclusively in environmentally friendly conditions, without the various additives

) value of watermelon, both for the baby and for the mother of the indescribable!

improvement occurs almost all vital processes and primarily metabolism.The woman starts to feel a little easier, there is vigor and increased activity.The blood is enriched with iron, in the body receives folic acid and many other substances, which occurs due to not only the improvement of health, but primarily amplifies the flow of milk, in a period that is important.

What can happen if you personally can not eat watermelon?

Watermelon belongs to the berries, which are included in the number of permitted products in breast-feeding, but not everyone is equally useful, even a watermelon!With individual contraindications, which will remind you watching your doctor, you should not eat watermelon, even if much of it you want.

  • Firstly, you can disrupt many organs, because watermelon - is, above all, plenty of fluids, which can easily change the water balance in your body to unnecessary side.
  • Secondly, watermelon change the quality of milk.
  • Thirdly, many people like watermelon jam other products, such as bread that breastfeeding a child provoke intestinal problems.It can be as colic and disorders of the chair, but frequent and allergy.

How to choose a watermelon?

In fact, how to choose a watermelon could be the best answer, but how to do it ?!The first season of the year should correspond to the period of maturity of the watermelon, because it should be understood that almost at the beginning of the summer is good to buy a watermelon fail, berries at this time without the use of harmful additives not ripen!

outer shape of the watermelon should be ideal.You should not confuse the cracks, possibly hit by a little podoprevshie sections of the fruit.The flesh of watermelon should have a bright saturated color, as, however, and the appearance of the watermelon should not seem washed out and dull.