How to get rid of the habit of biting his nails?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 March 2016

nail-biting, perhaps the most harmful, because in addition to damage to health "eating" from the nail looks very unaesthetic.

To get rid of a bad habit, it is important to understand that provokes man biting his nails.To eradicate this "plague" is necessary to eliminate the cause of such behavior.The most common causes that trigger man biting his nails:

  • Stress.Surprisingly, biting helps a person in a stressful situation to get together and relax.
  • Focus.Man gnaws pen, nail or other object at the same time focuses on solving the problem.
  • fear.This uncertainty brings a person to a state of ungovernability.
  • Heredity.Oddly enough, but the nail-biting is inherited and it is not in the genes, and in the habit of parents with whom the child takes the example.
  • Patients nails.Some are beginning to "dub" nails in a situation where you do not have special tools.

How to get rid of the habit of biting his nails?

find out the cause, forcing biting his nails, it is important to start to control myself or ex

clude provoking situation.If this is not possible, wean yourself nail biting can be other effective ways.

  1. Working with memory and imagination.It is necessary to "draw" a picture of the space under the nail: it accumulates parasitic microorganisms and a large number of bacteria.Before Gnaw piece of nail, it is necessary to remember this unpleasant picture and desire to pull his hands in his mouth will disappear by itself.Most people try to protect themselves from harm, and awareness of the dangers of this habit causes to abandon rash actions and desires.
  2. Self-hypnosis.We must try to convince yourself that gnawing nail, can become seriously ill.Every time the hand will be pulled towards the mouth, it is necessary to think about it.
  3. Manicure.It is necessary to constantly monitor the manicure or nail clippings to a minimum.If the nails are well maintained, they invested enough time and money, will be sorry for them to chew and break the beauty.Correct handling and care will save your fingers from burrs, peeling and other troubles that trigger man biting his nails.
  4. Nail.Expensive and beautiful accrued nails - a serious argument for abandoning the habit.
  5. Help friends and loved ones.It would seem, than can help in this situation, people around you?We need to ask them, so that each "eating" your nails they did remark.It can be just a word, and sometimes can be used physical force - for example, a light pat on the hand or their diversion to the side.It is an effective method that has helped many to get rid of a bad habit.The fact that people can unconsciously biting his nails, without knowing it, as a constant reminder to concentrate forces and pay more attention to their actions.
  6. Make nails tasteless.Can be applied to the nails any tasteless means, for example, pepper, mustard and the like. D. After several attempts to "eat" nails desire will disappear by itself.

Work on the elimination of provoking reasons:

  • if the reason for it - focus, keep a biscuits, nuts or any other product, but not nails.
  • In the nervous atmosphere, you can try the method of meditation, use auditory training.In particularly difficult situations should be treated to a psychologist, who will tell you how to eliminate excessive psycho-emotional strain.
  • You should always carry a tool for treatment of nails, that it was possible to remove the burr or undercut appeared broken nail.