He runs up toe, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 March 2016

frequent cause abscess toe is an ingrown nail, pedicure or unsuccessfully made a fungal disease.Through wounds received under the skin get harmful microorganisms (usually staphylococci or streptococci) and develops felon or in other words an abscess on his finger.

Symptoms felon

  1. first lets you know about yourself characteristic jerking pain that indicates the beginning of infection of subcutaneous tissues.
  2. skin around the wound becomes red and swollen.
  3. Puffy finger is difficult or impossible to bend.Sometimes
  4. body temperature rises.

Treatment abscess on his finger

Treatment of mixed vegetables

first assistant in the fight against abscess - a common vegetables: onions, carrots and beets.Take the same amount of vegetables, this well they are washed and purified.Rubbed into small terochku and add 2-3 drops of aloe juice and carrots.All mix thoroughly and apply the mixture to the affected area.It is convenient to put the tool on a piece of sterile bintik and secure patch.

treat abscesses aloe leaves

This method is known for a very long time.It is important to apply it immediately, when the first symptoms.It is simple and very effective.We need to embed a thick succulent leaves of aloe with perennials that more than 3 years.Sheet carefully wash scissors to cut the thorns and make a longitudinal incision, but not completely.Expand leaf as a book and make a juicy side to the wound.Secure plaster.The procedure is best done in the evening and leave the aloe on the wound until the morning.Suffice it to a couple of these procedures to remove the inflammation.

Treatment lemon

When an abscess is just beginning, can be used for the treatment of a lemon.This is done very simply.Lemon is good to wash, dry and make a small incision.Sprinkle a pinch of salt and to poke into the damaged finger.Lasted for half an hour because the finger, and a lemon then immediately discarded.

decoction of thyme

to cure abscess on his finger, his need to hover in the decoction of thyme.To do this, pour a tablespoon of thyme cup of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes.Immerse pace with sore finger in the cooled broth for 5 minutes.Repeat the procedure 3-4 times per day with an interval of an hour.

Linen paste to treat

Len also great help stop inflammation.Take 60 grams of milled into flour flaxseed mixed with a small amount of linseed oil and a glass of water.Mix until a paste-like mass, and we put it on the affected skin, bandage sterile bandage.

tincture lily

Lily flowers carefully washed out and fill it with alcohol or brandy.When the petals of a flower will be transparent, the infusion can be used to treat boils, pimples or boils.

Treatment boil onions

This vegetable is often used in folk medicine and in particular in the treatment of abscesses, as volatile bow repeatedly accelerate the healing process.Onions need to peel and grate into small terochku.Gruel are putting to the wound and primatyvaem bintikom.

also can not use crude and baked onion.Her warm adhere to the wound and changing the onion every 5 hours.

very effective mix of baked onion and baby soap.Onions and rub the soap in equal proportions and make a cake.We put it to the wound, and every 4-5 hours on a fresh change.

Treatment wheat bread crumb

To speed ripening abscess can be used bread crumbs.Soak in hot milk crumb and apply to the sore spot.Compress better to do at night.

streptocidal ointment

inexpensive but very effective tool in the fight against blisters.Rasparte finger in the salt-soda solution, then apply a small amount of ointment on bintik and strapped to the sore spot bintikom or plaster.