The rash on the hands in the form of bubbles and itches

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28 March 2016

rash on the hands is a troubling symptom, testifying to the failures of the organism, the development of a particular disease.On a visit to a specialist in this case it is not necessary to tighten.Consider the main causes of the rash on his hands in the form of bubbles, delivering itching.

Dermatitis Dermatitis is a skin inflammatory disease associated with the contact of the skin with any substance.There are two types of dermatitis: a simple, when the development of inflammation associated with skin irritation due to mechanical or chemical attack on it, and allergic associated with the allergic process.

irritant to the skin of hands can act cold water, wind, household chemicals.At the same time the skin swells and becomes a red tint, there is itching.In severe cases, the edematous area there are bubbles filled with clear liquid that burst after a while and in their place are formed crust.

These irritants can cause and the development of atopic dermatitis.Provoke the disease can also cosmetics, sk

in contact of hands with pollen, animal dander.

main direction dermatitis treatment is to eliminate substances trigger the development of disease.Your hands to remove the inflammation is recommended to lubricate creams or ointments made with the addition of corticosteroid hormones (Lorinden, triderm).Also shown is the reception of antibacterial drugs to prevent infection of accession.With the development of atopic dermatitis to alleviate the symptoms of the disease are taking antihistamines.

Eczema Eczema is localized on the hands, often as a result of regular contact with hand skin irritant.In most cases, eczema is inherent in the nature of an infectious-allergic.Symptoms of the disease are the appearance at the hands of the zone of inflammation, tissue edema and the presence of bubbles in the affected area with clear or purulent contents.The course the disease often aggravate emerging against this backdrop that the feeling of nervous disorders and severe itching.

Treatment of the disease involves the elimination of its causes, taking anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory drugs, use of drugs outside.

Other reasons

provoke itchy blisters on the skin of the hands can also infectious diseases such as measles, rubella, smallpox, scarlet fever.If the diagnosis is confirmed treatment should appoint the attending physician.Small itchy red blisters on the hands and causes hives.

rash on the hands in the form of bubbles can be associated with the development of athlete - the disease having a fungal nature.Usually the disease affects the skin of feet, but in contact with the hands, he is able to move on them.It should be noted that the fungi - pathogens prefer damp and warm environment, in connection with which this disease most often occurs in people suffering from excessive sweating feet.

first sign of athlete at the hands of a strong itch, and the development of inflammation on the skin of the body.After a short time in the affected area there are small blisters filled with fluid.When inaction or delayed response measures bubbles can develop into small ulcers, and crusts, complicating the course of the disease.