After the sting swollen leg, what to do?

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28 March 2016

In the summer, when a person spends a long time in nature, insect bites often occur in different parts of the body.Reaction to bite each person is individual - from a small footprint to the development of edema and swelling.What do you do if as a result of an insect bite swollen leg?

causes and symptoms of the appearance of a tumor on his leg after an insect bite

If after an insect bite on the leg there is a slight swelling - this is a natural reaction of the body, because when they bite into the body gets a foreign biological material that contains substances that destroy the cells, so that their contentsIt flows into the extracellular space.The human body, having received the toxins of alien elements, begin to attack them.At the site of injury increases the blood rush and the volume of the interstitial fluid.The tumor - immune system response to an insect sting.On the background of inflammation in soft tissues accumulates lymph, whereby an increase in volume.

a mosquito bite injected saliva, cont

aining elements that slow blood clotting.Thus there is a small swelling on the leg as a small swelling.As if stung by a wasp or a hornet, a poisonous spider, destroyed stenochki tiny blood vessels that can cause subcutaneous bleeding, lead to inflammation, also accompanied by allergic reactions and the emergence of a significant tumor.With large tumors must immediately fight.

a result of an insect bite on the leg of the patient may experience the following symptoms are typical:

  • redness;
  • swelling of the skin;
  • seal in the area of ​​the bite;
  • pain and itching.

In some cases there may be bruising, fever.

What to do when swollen leg after an insect bite?

When a wasp sting the first step is to get rid of the sting.This measure will help to prevent the development of disease symptoms.If the tumor is small after an insect bite, you can take independent action to help.In the same case, when the tumor is increased, the body temperature rises, worried about severe pain, burning and other symptoms, you should seek medical help.

With timely treatment of insect bites on his leg (initially) often enough to attach to a tumor formed a cold compress, which contributes to a narrowing of blood vessels and decrease the rate of absorption of toxic components in the blood.To prevent the spread of tumors and the formation of an allergic reaction to a patient is recommended to take an antihistamine.

There are various ways, both medical and folk to fight the tumor formed in the leg after an insect bite.


anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of tumors formed after the bite of insects in the pharmacy network, you can buy ready-made drugs, relieve symptoms and eliminate itching.For example:

  • Psili Balm;
  • fenistil gel or emulsion;
  • Iricar cream.

These funds are applied to the bite of insects adhering to the instructions.

Folk remedies

Quite often the treatment of a tumor on his leg, which arose as a result of an insect bite, using different national methods.

  1. If stung by a wasp, after removing the sting bite wipe with alcohol or iodine.
  2. a mosquito bite or a gadfly can help lubricate sore spot with soap or ammonia diluted in a ratio of 1: 3.
  3. With the penetration of the skin mite put Vaseline and after 20 minutes remove the insect, and lubricate the wound with alcohol or iodine.
  4. sometimes reduce swelling on the leg can help attachment plantain leaf, leaf aloe.