Can I apples nursing mother?

By Admin | Food For Children
02 April 2016

Infants lure start with apple juice or puree.This fruit is hypoallergenic, rich in fiber and vitamins.Meanwhile, when it comes to the diet of lactating mothers, apple is between "possible" and "impossible."To understand whether there is this fruit or not, you need to determine its benefits and harms.

Where myth and what was reality?

Apple, regardless of his skin color - it is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins.Allergic to apples is extremely rare, so fears of lactating mothers should not cause.If after eating the fruit mother did not have problems with digestion, and the baby will not feel uncomfortable.And even in the case of intolerance of fresh apples they can be used in baked.

If during pregnancy the woman regularly ate apples, and then the baby during breastfeeding should have no reactions to the product.Quite often you can hear that nursing mothers can not eat apples with red skin, it is better to replace it with green or yellow.It is believed that the baby may be allergic to a substance th

at is responsible for the red color of the fruit skin.This is nothing more than a myth.If the newborn has a genetic predisposition, allergies occur at the apple of any color.If parents have not observed such a reaction, you can eat red foods, keeping the measure.Excessive use of any product leads to an accumulation in the breast milk of a particular group of substances that, in fact, provoke skin rashes in infants.

No green or yellow apples, and the fear of red products remain?Alternatively, clear the apple from a red skin and can safely eat it.True vitamins in this case will be very little, since the main concentration is contained in the skins.On the day without fear of nursing mother can eat one small apple, preferably in the morning.

When Apple may become unsafe for nursing mothers and grudnichka?

Because apples contain large amounts of carbohydrates, a nursing mom with excess weight that they can be in limited quantities.We should not forget that if eating apples is an increase in the acidity of gastric juice, which stimulates the growth of appetite.

With extreme caution should be taken to the purchase of apples, imported from distant countries.To increase the transportability and keeping quality are the fruit are processed by special trains wax-based, which do not belong to the category of food.Remove a "covering" can be hot water and soap or simply to cut the peel from the fruit.

is believed that apples provoke flatulence in infants.If the mother does not experience such problems, and her baby after feeding this phenomenon will not be.To minimize the probability of occurrence of flatulence, eat apples can be baked.

Baked apples for nursing mothers

The baked apples absorbed by the body more quickly.When roasting of the vitamins are lost, but gets better digestible fiber.In addition, a baked apple solves the problem of constipation, normalizes the process of digestion.

cook baked apples simply and quickly: from washed vegetables cut off the top, then a teaspoon remove the core.Next to the center, you can pour the sugar, cover the top of the apples and place in a deep baking container.The microwave oven cooked apples no more than 5 minutes.You can vary the taste of baked apples, put in the middle of cottage cheese with raisins or honey.

When the child reaches 3-4 months, a nursing mother can eat apples without fear of any color.