Can I eat the fat at an elevated cholesterol?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 March 2016

in recent decades has been considerable debate about cholesterol.It is well established that an organic compound - natural fatty alcohol.It is found in all cell membranes of living organisms, including human beings, and 80% of cholesterol is produced by the person, while only 20% comes from the outside, with food.

scientists demonstrated that cholesterol brings benefits to the body, and it is involved in the production of vitamin D, various hormones, thus playing a role in the immune and nervous systems.

Sometimes cholesterol begins to significantly exceed the norm.This is facilitated by factors such as smoking, overeating or food properly organized.People whose cholesterol significantly higher than normal, you need a much closer approach to food, avoiding foods high in natural fats.

However, not all products need to prohibit, for a certain amount of fat should be ingested and perform important functions.Many fans are interested in fat question: "whether to completely abandon the use of this product

, or not so bad?ยป

should know that even though fat and refers to fats, cholesterol in its composition is not so much.Conducted studies allowed scientists to find out what amount of this organic matter is much lower in fat, than in many other, at first glance, a very useful product.

The surface fat contains substances that are involved in various vital processes of the human body.In addition, they are absent in plant foods, but because fat must necessarily be included in the diet.For example, the arachidonic acid contained in it, is involved in cellular metabolism, in company with other acids involved in the process of cleaning vessels from cholesterol deposits.Vitamins A, E, and D contribute to the preservation of youth, improve immunity and strengthen the walls of blood vessels are the same.

On the other hand excessive consumption of fat, opt instead of smoked salt can lead to undesirable consequences, including an increase in "bad" cholesterol in the human body.

The conclusion is clear: the fat at an elevated cholesterol can be used, but only fresh, salted and in small doses.