How much can you wear lenses without removing?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 March 2016

People wear lenses for various reasons.For the most part it is a necessity to correct his vision, although some lenses just need to change the eye color.Frequency and duration of wearing lenses for different people and different.Someone uses them all the time, someone uses in a few cases, but not necessarily need to know how much you can wear them, not removing.There

standard rule of wearing lenses - you can not remove them within 10 hours.This time, rather averaged and can be changed individually.Some people are comfortable in lenses and a whole day, while others can not wear them, and a couple of hours.

the first time, the lenses should be worn short time - better to start with one hour, increasing this period of half an hour every day.Thus, each person can identify for themselves the optimum time for comfortable lens wear.

If the lenses are made from hydrogel, in which in any case can not sleep, or by waiting for such troubles as irritation, redness and swelling of the eyes.Hydrogel lens is ofte

n called menstruation, since this term and they can be used.

Modern lenses for the most part made of silicone hydrogel.This material provides high oxygen permeability, however the eyes will be comfortable even after sleeping in such lenses.Another novelty - a lens with a wetting agent.Continuously such lenses can be worn a week, but then they need to be replaced.

is important to pay attention to the treatment of lenses.In the traditional mode, the lens must be removed every night without exception.For the planned replacement regime allowed sleep in lenses, but not more than 1-2 times a month.Under the regime of frequent routine replacement can wear a month, taking the night only a few times.

Today, many began to use the one-day lens, also known as disposable.Wear can be continuously an average of 12 hours, and more than this period it is better only in extreme cases.

If you use colored lenses, the purpose of which is solely to change the color of eyes, then they should be continuous wear up to 8 hours.

If you wear contact lenses, it is important to carefully follow the instructions and advice of the ophthalmologist.It is necessary to eliminate the wearing of lenses more than 8-10 hours (except for frequent routine replacement), and especially to refrain from sleeping in them.Even the most modern and environmentally friendly materials are foreign to our eyes, so we need to give them a rest.It is important to select a lens according to the rhythm of his life to ensure his vision comfort and safety.