First aid for snake bite

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27 March 2016

With the arrival of warm, sunny days, millions of Russian citizens rush to the forests and woods in search of cool, recreation, entertainment.The second reason for hiking in the nearby forests - picking mushrooms, berries and medicinal plants.

Sometimes a journey into the forest could end very badly when on the trail instead of the delicious, fragrant berries meet a representative of the class of reptiles, coolly beautiful - adder.And experts claim that the snakes do not attack first, they bite only if the threat to their lives.

actually rare traveler is willing to tease a viper, and then pay for his act of health.Mushroom pickers and gatherers of berries may just accidentally touch it and immediately get a bite.You need to know some rules hike in the woods, and what first aid should be given in such cases.

hiking in the woods - need training!

Firstly, wardrobe forestry traveler must be selected no less carefully, you go to visit or work.No shorts and open tops.Long-sleeved shirts tucked into pants

, comfortable shoes, covering the ankle, ideally - rubber boots.

Secondly, you should be ready to meet the forest inhabitant.If you are going to rest, a long stick carefully check the alleged resting place, since viper might like this sunny meadow.

important to observe calm when meeting, nevertheless, took place.It is best to stop, a quiet retreat, leaving a dangerous beauty continue to bypass their possessions.

Factors affecting the degree of poisoning

When preparing for a hike in the forest, the rules of behavior do not help, and the meeting took place, and very close, you should immediately begin first aid, and then go to the nearest medical facility.We must remember that not only poisonous adults, but their young.Even the dead snake venom some of the time keeps its hazardous properties.

Doctors claim that the clinical picture of poisoning each individual may be different.First, it depends on the amount of poison that got into the body.Secondly, there is a direct dependence of the degree of poisoning and place where poisonous viper plunged teeth.The most serious consequences can occur when the bite to the head or neck.Emergency situation in cases where the poison enters the blood vessel, as severe poisoning develops very quickly.

There is a difference in the overall picture of intoxication in the adult and child, and even the weather can affect the state bitten, as the process develops more quickly at high ambient temperature.

Terms salvation

Symptoms of poisoning by the bite of a viper appear almost instantly.The person feels extreme pain, and growing.If you see two red dots - it traces of poisonous teeth.On the site of the bite begins to appear swelling, bruising.Hands and feet become bluish tint.After 15 minutes, a full range of symptoms there - pulse rate, weakness, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath.

main task - to reduce the amount in the body of poison.For this purpose it is necessary to squeeze out, that is to compress the area around the teeth bite and suck, quickly spitting.It will not harm saves, most importantly, that in the mouth there was damage, cracks and sores.

need to do this procedure the first 20 minutes, while its effectiveness is high enough, you can help to remove from the body up to 40-50% of poison.Then the place of "kiss" beautiful forest evil must be treated with antiseptic and bandage.

for victims need to arrange a complete rest, as when driving the poison spreads through the body.It is particularly important to immobilize the affected part of the body.If this hand, it bandage to the body, bitten leg - to health.

positive effect gives the superimposition of tires, and the need to fix not only the affected area, but located near the joints.Also shown are the imposition of the cold in order to slow down the process of poisoning, and drinking plenty of fluids (ideally - a strong infusion of tea).

Unwanted treatments

Doctors warn that the pad or harness tight bandage will not bring the desired effect, on the contrary, may develop inflammation or tissue necrosis.In addition, symptoms of intoxication manifest much sharper after the removal of the harness.

Also, do not do cuts or burning, as they can not become an obstacle in the path of intoxication.Should think about how you can bring the victim to the nearest health facility for treatment.

Vipers afraid - not to go into the forest, but few can resist the temptation to make a forest walk, get some air, enjoy the gifts.It is important to know about the rules of first aid in viper bites and to use them properly.Then a meeting with the forest kingdom is just a joy!