Can I drink water before taking the blood?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 March 2016

Going to donate blood for analysis, most people simply do not know whether their position drinking water.It is not just about analysis, which is taken from the finger, but also from a vein.

Well, when a doctor sends you to take the tests, pre-cautions.Some clinics are right on the direction of the recommendations that may be able to drink the water.If so, in what amount, because there are times when not to drink the water, even brushing your teeth before collecting blood is undesirable!

actually possible to drink water before taking the blood or not depends on the purpose for which you are directed to the analysis of the disease and what you already have, because if a completely healthy person will have a drink a little water in the morning, then it is unlikelyAnalysis of this will be worse than what can be said about those who are constantly plagued by chronic diseases.So, for example, delivery of analyzes on sugar water to drink, and it can not be!Tips


The rules relating to blood donati

on on the analysis, it is said that the majority of analyzes can not be accurate if they are not taken on an empty stomach!Such analyzes have become tests for hormones, biochemical analysis, research on HIV.In addition, already in 8 hours can not even eat!The water is approximately the same time you need to start to drink in small sips, and especially to eliminate sugary juices, coffee and even tea.That is, for any blood sampling for analysis of drinking water is not desirable!

Public opinion

Despite the fact that the doctors say, in society at the expense of drinking water or not before collecting blood, lay down their informal opinion refers exclusively to adults, and completely healthy!Most people claim that drinking water before taking the blood "of the finger" can be, but from a vein, there should be taken seriously and resist the temptation to drink a sip of water.

Trying to summarize the advice of experts, and the opinions of people can say that it is best, in advance, when you are given direction on analyzes, it is necessary to ask a specialist, whether in your particular case, shortly before the delivery of blood to drink water.If your doctor will only give a positive answer, be sure to ask how much, and about how long before blood sampling is necessary to abstain from drinking.

hearing the same hard negative answer, it is better not to risk it.Today, most tests are expensive, and many will repeat them just can not afford it, because it is possible that even a harmless water can hurt!