Edema of the nasal mucosa during pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
30 March 2016

For many women, pregnancy, childbirth is like waiting for this miracle.Unfortunately, the state of health of the fair half of mankind who are in a position, often under threat.Among the most common problems - swelling, they suffer 80% of future mothers.

Experts say that in most cases this is a normal phenomenon that can occur during a particular period of life, and only in rare cases, can act as a symptom of a serious disease.In order to address the issue, it is best to refer to the leading pregnancy doctor and get expert advice.

Where problems arise?

main area of ​​occurrence of edema are the mucous nose, mouth, genitals.By the end of pregnancy, many women notice that appears swollen upper and lower extremities.It is advisable to try to immediately determine the cause and eliminate it or to begin proper treatment under the supervision of medical staff.

Causes edema

most often a woman's body reacts to it physiological and hormonal changes.Sometimes it is evidence of a serious kidney or heart fail

ure.In the last months of pregnancy, a woman may face a late toxicosis, which manifests itself in this way.

swelling of the nasal mucosa

This is a problem faced by many women early in pregnancy.In most cases the cause is hormonal changes.Progesterone levels in women with the onset of pregnancy increases dramatically.The main task - to help the body to bear a child, to block the reduction walls of the uterus, which can cause miscarriage.

Consequently accumulates in the body potassium (side effect), promoting fluid retention and the appearance of swelling of the nasal mucosa.The secret of the sinuses can stagnate and become a favorable environment conducive to proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

phenomenon of swelling of sinus symptoms similar to the common cold, but as a woman is in a position to apply the well-known and popular treatments experts strongly recommend.Triggered scheme - Treatment of the disease leads to another, much more serious.

Problems treatment

Conventional means for narrowing the vessels are not suitable.They, of course, help to get rid of the common cold, but their effect is not limited to the mucosa of the sinuses, but the placenta and umbilical cord.

vasoconstriction of these important bodies for pregnancy can lead to fetal hypoxia, a sharp deterioration in the supply of a growing organism with oxygen and nutrients.In addition, proceeds from the common cold into the blood not only the mother but also her unborn baby.

Optimal treatment

To get rid of this problem, of course, necessary.Swelling of the mucous help shortness of breath, respectively, less oxygen enters the body mom and as a result, marked symptoms of oxygen starvation of the fetus.

best way - the constant cleansing of the nasal cavity in conjunction with the washing saline or weakly concentrated solution of ordinary table salt or sea.A solution of sea salt can be purchased at the pharmacy, you can prepare yourself at home.It is sufficient to dissolve in warm water (0.5 liters) teaspoon of sea salt.She, by the way, can replace ordinary table.

There are external ways to ease the woman's condition - to use humidifiers or vaporizers to increase fluid intake.Also, you should avoid places where people smoke a lot, such facilities do not contribute to reduction of edema, on the contrary, increase the amount of fluid in the mucous membranes, do not forget about the harmful effects of nicotine on the body of the fetus.

the health of future mothers, as well as her unborn baby depends on many conditions.With any problems it may face during pregnancy, to help cope leading pregnancy expert.In the treatment of pregnant women it is very important not to harm the mother and the child!