What vitamins drink during pregnancy planning?

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
30 March 2016

planning pregnancy, then there is an immediate preparation for the conception involves a range of activities.They assume, as a rejection of bad habits (is smoking, drinking alcohol) and junk food (this refers to the number of fried, spicy or too salty), and entering in your diet vitamin-products.All this will contribute to more easily conceive in the future - the proper development of the fetus.

Today pharmacies offer a wide variety of vitamins, both in pure form and in combination.But the abuse of Vitamins can also cause adverse reactions, associated with overdose.So much better to enrich their daily diet of food with high content of certain vitamins.Practice shows that in such a case an overdose almost completely eliminated, and the body gets a whole series of useful substances that are relevant for planning pregnancy.Below is a list of essential vitamins needed future mother and food, the richest them in their chemical composition.

vitamins needed by the body when planning pregnancy

  • Vitamin C. is one of the most versatile of nutrients that have a positive effect on the immune system.A large number contained in the following products - such as rose, bell peppers, black currants, parsley, dill, brussels sprouts, kiwi.
  • Vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.Found in many foods.It beef liver, pork liver, fish oil, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, sea buckthorn, apricot.
  • Vitamin B1.It positively affects the nervous system and has been actively involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates.Adequate intake of thiamine is necessary for the proper formation of the fetus.Contained in foods such as soy, beans, beef (especially beef liver), pork (especially pork liver).
  • Vitamin B2.Contribute to the formation of the skeleton and muscles of the fetus, is actively involved in the metabolism of iron.Contained in the liver (especially beef), kidney, almonds, eggs, mushrooms (especially whites, mushrooms and chanterelles).
  • Vitamin D. It promotes the formation and strengthening of the skeleton of the fetus and is synthesized and stored for further growth of the teeth.It is important to replenish this vitamin before conception as the fetus will take it from the mother rather intensively.As a result, many pregnant women are problems with tooth enamel.Contained in the following products: a fish (especially salmon), liver, butter, eggs.In addition, it is recommended more often in the street, as the highest dose of vitamin D is synthesized in the human body when exposed to UV radiation.
  • Vitamin E. stimulates the female genital glands, which promotes easy conception.It is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps to minimize future toxicosis and cleanse the body of slagging.Contained in the following products.This sunflower oil, peanut oil, sea buckthorn oil.Excessive use of these products is not recommended, as the body will be able to produce this vitamin.

Enriching the diet described above foods will achieve maximum results at conception and during pregnancy ease.