What vitamins are needed for the skin?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 March 2016

Often even young people notice that the facial skin gradually begins to take, to put it mildly, not very healthy.There are peeling, dramatically changed the complexion and you can even see a rash or acne.The reason for that is clear and a few rather simple, but that's paying attention to it, not all!

important component in the normal development and the existence of man became the food, and our appearance, but primarily the skin, including the face, depends on what we eat.Malnutrition, not those products cause not just harm the human body and cause serious damage, primarily evidenced by the poor condition of the skin.Why

powered impact on the skin?

With food in our body comes primarily vitamins, without which the state of the facial skin to maintain the desired shape is simply impossible.The lack or the excess of a vitamin leads to the fact that the skin of the face can be beautiful and healthy.That is why, in order to enrich the body with all the necessary vitamins, you need to diversify your food

and make it more balanced!

What vitamins are needed in the first place?

to your face, no matter at what age radiated health, but the facial skin is characterized by freshness, it is necessary that the body received the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin A. The traces of peeling and roughness in some areas of the face to speak about the lack ofvitamin.Thus the facial skin is dry and pale, and seems painful.Also often it pours acne on the face, and formed circles under the eyes.
  • Vitamin C. It is a sufficient amount of vitamin C allows the face to be elastic.The reason for that - the formation of collagen fibers that make the skin firmer.This skin will never look flabby and dull, and early wrinkles can not survive.Inflammation of the face, dilation of blood vessels with a sufficient amount of vitamin C will not bother you.
  • Vitamin E. The main function of which can be attributed to vitamin E, is slowing the aging process in the body and especially noticeable on the face.Leather with enough of the vitamin will not dry under the eyes will not appear wrinkles and facial muscles are elastic, it does not allow skin to become loose and flabby.
  • B vitamins restore skin face not only a healthy shade, but also youth, resilience, natural luster allow it B vitamins facial muscles in their prosperity will always be tightened and the contours remain clear.
  • Vitamin K. This vitamin Prosperity suggests rapid healing of abrasions, scratches, and after healing of the skin is completely restored, leaving no traces (scars).Swelling and inflammation of the lungs are almost immediately.
  • Vitamin PP.It helps normal facial skin to "breathe" vitamin PP, which affects primarily not only on its elasticity, but also its color.
  • Vitamin D. To improve the structure of the skin allows vitamin D, increasing the blood flow and giving the skin a healthy appearance.