Herring in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
29 March 2016

Often expectant mother does not understand why she wants to have something that had not even allowed, or simply did not like.Menu pregnant women should be carefully thought out and balanced, but no one can say that she wants to eat in an hour.The amazing thing, but before pregnancy, many future moms never had a weakness for citrus and lemons can now have not even changed in the face, or had not had a special predilection for dairy products, and during pregnancy happy to drink milk and eat cheese,which is very good for the future of the baby.But most of the future mother pulls on pickles and herring.It is said that the salt pulls the one who will be a boy, and for dessert - the mummy, which is waiting for a girl.Useful

quality herring

Our task is to understand the potential benefits of herring during pregnancy, in what quantities it is safe to use for pregnant women.Nowadays, future moms read a lot of literature about pregnancy and better than we know what is possible and what is not.For example, ev

ery woman knows that calcium is beneficial for a child's development, and for Mamochkin teeth that are exposed during pregnancy is quite strong collapse.Calcium is involved in osteophyte formation of cells, which are the basis of bone tissue.The skeleton of a baby's growing body becomes strong and well developed.

Get large amounts of calcium from dairy products can, seafood and fish.For future moms, hatched 9 months fetus is most useful Atlantic herring.It is in this fish contains a lot of protein, vitamin D, and digestible fats.In addition, in the herring are calcium and phosphorus.

Salted herring during pregnancy

Herring has up to two hundred species, it is different in taste and has different nutritional properties.Doctors do not recommend to abuse the consumption of salted herring.Preference should be given boiled or fried fish.Salted fish is harmful in that it has too much sodium chloride, which is harmful to women in the third trimester of pregnancy.At this time, in addition to being female, and so gains weight in excess of its salts can be edema.Excess salt can aggravate swelling, and this increases the burden on the kidneys.According to statistics, one fish can contain up to six grams of salt, and we know that one gram of it can hold one hundred grams of liquid.Calculate how much fluid will delay a herring, is not difficult.This usually occurs in early pregnancy and can treat themselves with two or three pieces of herring per week.

If frozen herring, it can guarantee mom that no parasites in fish and can have no concern.For pregnant women are particularly useful for herring roe, not the fish.The eggs rich in vitamin E.

How to choose the seafood?

Buy Herring is best as a whole, and not to get involved preserves.Good herring weighs 350 grams, it has a thick back, the skin is pale blue and pale pink gills.Any deviations from the standard are not valid for future moms.

before eating the fish need to be soaked.When cleaning fish, it must be properly inspect and check whether it worms.Then brushed herring need to fill in milk for a couple of hours.After two hours, it should be rinsed and you can eat.

When pregnancy of 18 weeks of herring can be used only once a week.Then try to control their health.If a pregnant woman knows that gaining too much weight, it is better not to eat herring.For herring under a fur coat can be an exception.In terms of saturation with salt the dish is pretty safe, because it does not put this spice.

Thus, we can conclude that pregnant women eat a herring is possible, but you must comply with the measure.If your body is prone to edema, it is not worth risking your health and the health of your baby.Observe moderation and be healthy!