Red apples during pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
29 March 2016

Apples - an indispensable piece of fruit in the diet of pregnant women.Juicy and delicious, they contain in their composition are a storehouse of nutrients.Vitamins, minerals, various acids will have a positive effect on the body of the future mother.

Useful properties

Red apples are rich in malic and citric acids, which have beneficial effects on blood vessels, helping to strengthen them.As is known, many expectant mothers have problems in the vascular system.

fruits contain vitamins in its composition different group membership, tannin and pectin, as well as a storehouse of essential micro-and macro.It is an excellent source of iron, which is necessary to maintain adequate levels of hemoglobin.Rich in fiber, red apple will help establish intestinal motility and relieve constipation.Using pectin contained in the fruit, can be released from the body of accumulated toxic substances.

harm red apples

accepted that green fruit in its useful properties much ahead of red apples, as they seemed crammed

with vitamins and minerals, as well as enriched with a high concentration of iron.Red fruit in comparison with yellow and green contain high sugar, which is for the mother extra carbohydrates are not recommended during late pregnancy in mind the rapid weight gain women.

worth noting that red apples are among women in the state and many less popular they are treated with suspicion.All business situation here in the bright color of the skin, which is generally assumed to be able to cause the development of allergies in the newborn baby.

Do not get involved in red fruits and for the reason that they contain acid destructive effect on tooth enamel.And given that the gestation period of an infant concentration of calcium in the body of the future mother is reduced at times, it is strongly recommended to keep their teeth.

Correct usage

If the expectant mother appeared irresistible desire to eat a red apple, then she should not deny yourself this.In order to protect themselves from any possible negative manifestations of the use of the fruit, it is recommended to clear the fruit peel.However, it should be remembered that just yet concentrated in the skin of the vast majority of nutrients.

worth noting that the use of red apples only in season ripening (summer-autumn), but on the imported fruit must be abandoned, as they are almost always treated with a variety of harmful for the body of a pregnant woman substances.

Excessive red apples is not recommended.The optimal rate - 3-4 week fetus.It is important to use only red apples on an empty stomach, because otherwise the product is delayed in the stomach and starts to wander, losing all their benefits.