Around his neck were red spots and itching

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 March 2016

itchy red spots appeared on the neck, delivering a serious human discomfort and raise questions about health.This disease can be caused by a variety of causes that are important to reliably set to assign the optimal course of treatment.Consider them.


Red spots, localized around the neck, can be caused by the presence of human diseases such as ringworm.Thus, in a pink zoster, which usually occurs in people with a weakened immune system, initially receive one spot, next to which later there are many others.These spots are often in the middle of a yellow color.The disease does not require treatment and extends a few weeks after the first detection of its symptoms.

When the colored shingles, caused by the action of yeast-like fungus, red itchy spots are located not only in the neck, but also on the chest and shoulders, and the interaction with sunlight they get brown.For the treatment of the disease used topical antifungal drugs.


Atopic dermatitis, one of the symptoms of which ar

e the red itchy spots on the neck, is a chronic disease that is not treatable.In the period of acute manifestation of the disease to eliminate the use of ointments and cooling antipruritic drugs.

fungal dermatitis, provoking the appearance of the neck itchy red spots, is due to disruptions in the endocrine system, a weak immune system, the skin moisture.The cause of the infectious dermatitis perform certain infectious diseases (rubella or measles, for example).Violent itching spots on the neck is characteristic of red dermatitis.


Very often itchy red spots on the neck arise as a consequence of allergies arising on certain foods to cosmetics, pollen, animal hair, a chain which is worn around the neck.Treatment is reduced to identify the allergen, avoid contact with him and receive antihistamines.

Insect bites

Red spots on the neck often occur after bites of various insects, especially mosquitoes and gnats.These spots may itch badly.To eliminate symptoms should treat stains special preparation (ointment, cream, gel) to remove itching ("Fenistil" gel, for example).

Other skin ailments

The presence of serious diseases such as psoriasis or eczema also may be suspected by the presence of the neck and other parts of the body red spots.This affected area deliver discomfort, causing the patient to feel itching and burning.In the treatment of used hormones.

Thus, red itchy spots on the neck can be caused by a banal allergy and the development of serious diseases.Therefore, the detection of this disease should consult a doctor to identify its cause and purpose required in this case, the course of treatment.