Whooping cough in adults: Symptoms and Treatment

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26 March 2016

When it comes to whooping cough, the majority of an association of the disease with children.However, pertussis can be ill adults.In contrast to children for adult whooping cough is not dangerous, but if the treatment is carried out correctly, there is the likelihood of developing pneumonia, which leads to death.This disease is dangerous for people with disorders in the cardiovascular system as a long and painful cough leads to impaired respiratory function.

Symptoms of pertussis in adults

The incubation period of pertussis is from 5 days to 3 weeks, that is, adult symptoms can occur several weeks after infection.Before the advent of contagious person coughs.But with the cough begins to actively spread of bacteria which are transmitted through close contact.

Initial symptoms of whooping cough are very similar to the common cold.A person appear malaise, sore throat and fatigue.Often, the symptoms of a cold are complemented and frequent sneezing.Perhaps the temperature rise, but not above 38 ° C.Expo

sure to elevated temperatures can occur chills or fever.

after a cough.First, dry, not too worrisome.Admission antitussives has no effect, as the cough is not lost when using other treatments.

After 2-3 weeks of cough becomes frequent and prolonged.Most of these attacks occur at night.When coughing spasms of the airways become frequent.Sometimes a person does not have time to breathe, resulting in pale or blue in the face.The duration of the attack is 1-3 minutes.Seizure frequency - from 3-7 hours to 20 times per hour.The strength of the cough is that vomiting can occur, sometimes a person loses consciousness from lack of oxygen.

Feature pertussis that in between bouts of coughing person feel completely fit and healthy.

duration of illness - from a few weeks to a couple months.Increased attacks occur in the third week, and lasts about 2-3 weeks.Even the most effective treatment can speed up the healing process, but it facilitates the patient's condition.

How to identify whooping cough?

The first thing that should alert a person - it caused a cough that lasts longer than a week and is not amenable to treatment with medicines.A cough can be a symptom of other diseases, so a correct diagnosis is necessary to consult a doctor.

Usually, the doctor prescribes a blood test, the results of which determine the presence of antibodies.In addition, the composition of the study carried out nose and throat of the sick person.Only after receiving the results of both tests, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, whooping it or another disease.

Treatment of pertussis in the adult

Most adults infected with whooping cough, is not hospitalized.If the cough is very severe, the person loses consciousness, it requires constant monitoring in an outpatient setting.In other cases, the patient is at home treatment, but should only be used drugs prescribed by the doctor.

the treatment of whooping cough antibiotics are used.Since each person's body reacts differently to drugs, antibiotics are prescribed on the basis of the sensitivity of bacteria to a group of medicines.Of the antimicrobials are generally administered "azithromycin", "Erythromycin" "Clarithromycin" and t. D. The dosage and dosage regimen is determined by the attending physician.

relieve coughing fit antitussive drugs.Sputum liquefied mucolytics.Sometimes a good effect taking medication prescribed for asthma.In order to reduce irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract may be administered corticosteroids.In special cases, the patient can be assigned to an antihistamine.

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Eating infected person should be fractional, adhering to a sparing diet.To liquefy phlegm liquid to drink in large quantities.It is important that the indoor air clean and sufficiently moist and fresh.

As practice shows, whooping cough patients recover faster when experiencing positive emotions.Between joy cough center does not work, so the reduced frequency and severity of coughing spells.

From folk treatments for whooping cough effectively use a decoction of marshmallow.At night you can take a tablespoon of garlic in milk - in a glass of milk take 5 cloves of garlic.

As an adult whooping cough runs long enough, it is necessary to be patient and carefully follow the recommendations of the doctor.To prevent the risk of disease whooping cough, you need to be vaccinated in a timely manner.