Chili: Harm and benefits

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 March 2016

Hot Chili Peppers - a wonderful vegetable that can be easily found in the kitchen cupboards each family.And all thanks to its property to give dishes a burning flavor, spicy, spicy, pleasant aroma, unique taste.It is used fresh, as the hammer.Use

burning spices

The raw red chili exceeded 2 times the content of vitamin C and ascorbic acid than lemon and PP, E, K and the B group

advantage condiments also is the presence in the composition of microelements - sodiumphosphorus, sulfur, iron, silicon, potassium.This product is a low-calorie vegetables (100 kcal 40 g) containing a small amount of carbohydrates, so it is recommended in small doses to include in your diet for people who are on diets.

by stimulating circulation and substance capsaicin chili affects the state of health in general, namely:

  • reduced blood pressure and takes the headache;
  • accelerates the body's metabolism (metabolism);
  • a prophylactic against diabetes;
  • restored male potency;
  • vessels become more elastic;
  • improves digestion - increased secretion of gastric juice.

Chili Peppers can be used as a preventive measure against intestinal parasites - worms.

Applications in medicine and cosmetology

In medicine, red pepper pungency are used Capsicum plaster in expectorants, drugs sweatshops.In the treatment of flu, colds, pain in the muscles, rheumatism, fatigue usually use oil or pharmacy tincture of pepper.Also, use the unique properties of pepper in dentistry, manufacturing special toothpaste from bleeding gums.

The natural home of cosmetology has worked well this product masks for growth, shine, smooth enviable hair, as well as getting rid of dry, brittle, dandruff.Before you make a mask, be sure to need to pass the test for an allergic reaction.To do this, apply a small amount on the wrist and wait 5 minutes.In the absence of strong expression redness, itching of the skin, you can safely use a mask on the scalp, no harm will not bring it!Here are some of them.

  • Mexican.Stir 1 hour. tincture of pepper, 10 drops of tincture of ginseng, 3 tbsp.l.sea ​​buckthorn oil.The mixture was applied on the hair and leave for 5 minutes.The warm water and wash your hair with shampoo.It is recommended to rinse your hair with a mild broth chamomile.
  • Indian.2 tbsp.l.olive oil "on the tip of a knife," chili pepper, 4 juice mix until smooth, then rub massaged into the scalp.Wait 5 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and warm water, at the same time to try to mask the burning was not hit in the eye.Dry head without hair dryer.

These masks can be made no more than 1 time per month!

Contraindications (disadvantages) of chili peppers

People suffering from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers, colitis), it is not recommended to use pepper as the substance capsaicin adversely affects the mucous membrane that exacerbate health.

strictly prohibited the eating of pregnant women, as it leads to gas, increased blood circulation, which can cause miscarriage.

Mothers who are breastfeeding, should be excluded from the diet this seasoning because it is usually seen in infants allergic reactions and problems with a chair.

people affected by cardiovascular diseases, the possibility of using chili as a condiment in his diet is best to consult with your doctor.

Precautions for

Some species are particularly pungency which may at cutting fresh vegetable to a chemical burn, so it is advisable to use gloves when cooking.If the burn has occurred, you must rinse with water and coat with olive oil.

to repay the pungency in the mouth and normalize the acid-alkaline environment in the stomach, you should drink a glass of milk or yogurt.It is forbidden to drink water!

Deposit health - everything should be in moderation!The indisputable fact is that the chili is helpful, healing vegetable that can both help and harm, if used uncontrollably.