How to cure myopia at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 March 2016

Before we talk about how to deal with short-sightedness in the home, you need to make an important point: myopia without specific medical intervention treatment is not amenable.All that you can do yourself - is to stop the progression of the disease, prevent the development of complications and conduct vision correction.The sooner such therapy is begun, the greater will be the chances to slow down the further development of myopia.

The main point in the treatment of myopia - wearing special glasses, corrective vision.In addition, the home treatment of myopia involves the performance of special exercises for the eyes, compliance with diet, regular additional treatments.

Gymnastics for the eyes

Adults and especially children, suffering from myopia, it is recommended to perform daily exercises, to strengthen the eye muscles.One such training complexes (gymnastics Avetisova) consists of several groups of simple exercises:

  • rotation of the eyes in a circle to the left and right.
  • diagonal movement.
  • Vector motion from left to right, up and down.
  • Zazhmurivaniya forcefully.
  • Light pressing with your fingers closed eyes.

Exercises are performed alternately, repeat 5-10 times each, every morning and evening.

excellent training of developing myopia is at the following exercise:

  • On the glass windows fix (draw) a circular mark (d = 5 cm).
  • Stand at a distance of 35 cm from the window and look forward to some of the glass object (the house next door, a tree, a car).
  • look alternately transferred from the object through the window on the label and back.

complete course of study is 15 days.Exercise is carried out twice a day with a gradual increase in the duration.At the end of the duration of the training course should be 7-10 minutes.

Nutrition for myopia: folk recipes

Traditional medicine offers treatments for myopia at home many ways.For example, the blueberry juice or a decoction of the leaves and blueberries with licorice (root).Juice diluted with pure water (1: 2) was instilled eyes in the morning, 5 drops each.A decoction of the 4 tablespoons.l.berries and leaves (2 of each ingredient) and a tablespoon of licorice (steeped in 0.5 l of boiling water for half an hour) taken orally with 150 mL of 4 times daily.Similar methods are used in the treatment of myopia, honey, cranberries, lingonberries, broth hips, needles, nettles and so on. D.

Useful with myopia packs of green tea and cherry leaves.Green tea in an amount of 2 h. L.brewed 250 ml of boiling water, insist 15 minutes.Cotton impregnated with a warm infusion, and applied to the eyes for 20 minutes.

Cherry leaves (4 pieces) are soaked in warm water for 10 minutes and applied to the eyes (2 per sheet) for half an hour.Top sheets are fixed mask for sleep.To enhance the effect cherry "compress" is recommended to be left on all night.

And now the food.Any special diet for any kind of myopia does not exist.However, the diet of a person suffering from myopia, must include foods that are beneficial to the shell of the eyeball, and the other the structure of view.

Such products, for example, carrots are rich in carotene, and blueberries containing mass needed for good vision of vitamins and antioxidants.Vegetables and marine fish with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids are also helpful to strengthen and normalize the functions of the retina.

To strengthen the connective tissue of the eye is useful to include in the daily diet dairy products rich in calcium, vitamins and a variety of natural minerals, casein.Also, for the normalization of the structure of the eye scleral advised to regularly use the cool broth, jelly.

way to stop the progression of myopia in addition to the above, there are many, but real results can be achieved on one condition: the systematic compliance with the course of treatment, the regularity of the procedures, strict adherence to the recommendations of the attending physician.