Causes of dry cough in the morning in an adult

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25 March 2016

morning awakening, accompanied by a dry cough - this phenomenon is worrying many members of the adult population.And if a dry cough in the morning is manifested not isolated cases, and regularly, you need to look for the cause and continue to engage in treatment.To establish the exact cause of dry cough may be a doctor through a medical examination and test results.He and prescribe effective treatment of the disease and ways to prevent it.What can be the cause of dry cough after waking up?The answer is revealed in the materials section.


Dry cough morning to vomit - it is one of the symptoms of asthma.People suffering from this disease, used to normalize breathing special inhalers.Asthmatics inhaler should always be on hand to when asthma attacks could immediately provide assistance itself.


One and the most common cause of dry cough in the morning is smoking.The greater the experience of smoking a person has, the more evident cough it increases the intensity and duration of attacks.

People who smoke a lot, cough may be accompanied by sputum with blood.

Runny nose and nasal congestion

Infectious and respiratory diseases, accompanied by nasal congestion and mucus from the nasal passages may also be the cause of dry cough in the morning.During sleep, the person is in a horizontal position.The mucus drains into the nasopharynx of the throat, causing irritation of its walls.Because of this, and it manifests a dry cough.It may last just a few seconds until the mucous moistened.Such cough disappears by itself.

GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

When activated, attacks grab is released acid reflux is accompanied by heartburn.This phenomenon causes irritation of the throat, which provokes dry cough in the morning.Diagnose and treat GERD at home is hard enough.At the first sign of its manifestations, seek medical advice.

Medications for hypertension

dry cough in the morning people, treating hypertension can occur by exposure to medicines - ACE inhibitors.Cough - the main side effect of this tool.When receiving ACE dry cough appears constantly, you must report it to the attending physician, will help alleviate the condition change of the therapeutic drug to analog.


deficit fluid in the body cause drying nasal mucosa, slows the production of mucus.And this is the cause of irritation of the walls of the throat and dry cough manifestation.To maintain the water balance in the body is necessary to observe a drinking mode - to use at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day.Furthermore, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate indoor humidity level.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

first sign of COPD is a strong cough after waking.This disease is accompanied by bronchitis and emphysema.In chronic bronchitis, COPD is accompanied by an increase in mucous glands, which causes narrowing of the airways.Emphysema destroy lung tissue, whereby the amount of oxygen consumption decreases.These manifestations lead to irritation of mucous membranes of the larynx and thus cause a dry cough.

dry cough in the morning can be a symptom of many diseases.Timely access to a doctor to help find the cause of disease and choose a safe and effective way to treat it.