Can I smoke after tooth extraction?

By Admin | Health Recipes
24 March 2016

Tooth extraction - procedure is not as painful as unpleasant.When used in modern dentistry, anesthetics during vydёrgivaniya tooth pain are absent.And if the doctor had done his work neatly and carefully, no complications should arise later.

During wound healing is very important to observe certain precautions.For the most part it depends on the patient, who will have a short time to partially abandon the traditional way of life.

Basic rules of conduct after treatment and tooth extraction, in principle, know everything, and yet, not be amiss to recall what actions it will be impossible to make in the first few days after a visit to the dentist's office.Let's talk in particular about smoking.

Smokers dental problems occur far more often than people who are not addicted to this harmful habit.This concerns not only the predisposition to diseases of the teeth and gums, the unpleasant yellow plaque on the teeth, the need for more frequent professional dental cleaning from solid deposits, and so on. D. Smo

king contributes to the rapid destruction of the teeth, which if untreated, end their complete loss.

If the tooth could not be saved, and the only treatment option was removing it, waiting for the test of the smoker.Firstly, from cigarettes will have to give at least one day before the procedure.Second, return to the "hobby" will be no earlier than two days after tooth extraction.

Many ignore this rule, and for good reason.The fact that the substances contained in tobacco smoke, impair blood coagulation, inhibit the healing process of the injured tissue, prolong the healing of wounds.This is only one of the factors contributing to the need for smoking cessation after any surgery, including surgery to remove teeth.

In addition, the process of smoking the risk of displacement of a blood clot formed in the well in place of the tooth torn.A blood clot in this case plays the role of a kind of a protective plug that prevents the penetration of the wound infections, promotes early recovery of injured tissues.When smoking, vigorous tightening cigarette splёvyvanii saliva in the mouth creates a partial vacuum, and "plug" can shift, opening the wound.

Consequently, indulge your desire to smoke to relieve stress after a tooth extraction, it is impossible.It is much easier to convince yourself to suffer a few days than to face with postoperative complications provoked by dependency on cigarettes!