Kalina Krasnaya: useful properties and contraindications

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 March 2016

Kalina - a wonderful plant, because it not only useful astringent berries, and their seeds, bark of the trunk.This gift of nature helps in the treatment of many diseases, cope with various problems of health and rarely cause allergies.The rich composition of viburnum berries provide saturation of the body with nutrients and strengthens its immunity.

Useful properties of Viburnum berries

these wonderful red fruits contribute to lowering blood sugar levels, so included in the diet of patients with diabetes and prevention of this disease.Viburnum berries improve digestion, exercise diaphoretic and diuretic action, produce a mild laxative effect.These beneficial properties include kidney cleansing and removing excess fluid from the body, the problem of edema.Viburnum helps to normalize cholesterol and fat metabolism in cells.

Kalina recommended for use for people with reduced immunity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, unstable pressure.No less tangible effect it produces when unhealthy nervous sys

tem, insomnia, stress exposure.Kalina - is not everyone's favorite, but certainly one of the naipolezneyshih berries, for helping to solve so many different health problems.

With what diseases are fighting viburnum berries?

regular use of viburnum berries in moderation can help not only to raise the immune system and prevent the occurrence of various disorders in the body, but also have a salutary effect, if any.They recommend eating at the following ailments:

  • inflammatory processes of any origin;
  • colds or viral infections;
  • hypersensitivity and bleeding gums;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • stagnation of bile;
  • hypertension;
  • vascular spasm;
  • neurological diseases;
  • painful PMS;
  • premature aging.

This is just a brief list of diseases that you are able to win, not only through drug therapy, but also by including snowball in your daily diet.It has not necessarily in kind, because these berries are perfect for desserts and compotes, jellies and sauces.

Vitamin recipes with Kalina

When mixed in equal proportions, rubbed through a sieve viburnum and honey, you get an excellent remedy for colds and flu, which can be used for prevention.The same effect has a compote or tea viburnum berries with lemon and honey.The proportions of ingredients, everyone should choose their own, because the taste preferences are different.Insist viburnum cooked very simply: the berries are ground and filled with boiling water, then infused at least 4 hours.If health complaints need to drink this infusion of 300-600 ml per day.

Contraindications to the use of viburnum berries

providing care for hypertension, viburnum berries can harm under reduced pressure, and cause you to fall into a swoon.If you have a risk of blood clots or increased blood clotting, the Kalina you should also be consumed in small amounts and infrequently.These berries are contraindicated in gout, because they contain a large concentration of organic acids.This is the reason for failure is the main use of snowball at high acidity of gastric juice.

Viburnum berries are contraindicated and various blood diseases, chronic kidney disorders.Excessive use of the product can cause a rash.Pregnant women are also advised not to eat viburnum, as it could trigger unexpected allergic reactions or trigger a hyper state of the uterus.

Viburnum berries - it is amazing in its saturated composition fruits to help to cope with a lot of modern diseases resulting from adverse lifestyle and environmental conditions in most modern cities.Prophylactic use of this product will result in a significant increase immunity and resistance to stress.Viburnum berries must be in every home, because it is one of the best medicines for colds.