What can I eat after surgery appendicitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
23 March 2016

appendectomy - a complex operation that requires a serious course of recovery.One of the main items included in the rehabilitation, includes a strict diet, which must adhere to the patient for some time after the operation.In this article, we look at what foods you can eat a man after appendectomy, and what better than to completely eliminate from your diet.

first day after surgery

first hours after surgery appendicitis pass for a man is not very good.Anesthesia still exerts its effects on the body, making it a little nauseated.That's why on the first day after the removal of appendicitis is usually a person does not want to eat anything, but it must be done.As the food in the first 24 hours best suit various liquids:

  • compote and jelly (preferably home);
  • sweet tea;
  • boiled water.

These fluids for the first day after surgery are the only acceptable for human consumption.All other products for the food to be agreed with the doctor.

first week after surgery

Once passed since the surgery one day

, the patient's diet can add some fun.Approximate diet is as follows:

  • steamed vegetables;
  • different soups (preference is given to chicken and mushroom);
  • cereals, cooked in water (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice);
  • steamed dried fruit.

Also, as the liquid is recommended to use the grassy teas, juices and fruit drinks.Physicians are advised to drink plenty of fluids much, and limit the use of up to two liters a day.This will contribute to reducing the burden on the digestive tract and allow the wound to heal faster.If the patient does not complain of feeling unwell, then in the first week after surgery, you can give him chicken or fish, steamed, meat, ground to a blender to puree.

second and third week after surgery

first week - the most difficult for the patient.This is the time when the body moves heavy loads associated with the restoration of the entire digestive system.Therefore exclude any junk food from the diet of the patient.No spicy, salty, peppery, fatty foods can not be added to the diet.

week after surgery appendicitis diet of the patient can be modified with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, as well as products made from eggs, mushrooms and meat.It is important to only comply to all steamed as fried and fatty patient is still impossible.

Other tips for choosing and compliance

diet is also extremely important to follow step approach to making food.This means that giving the patient to try this or that food should be gently, preparing the body for more difficult to digest foods.In addition, it is important that the patient has developed for itself a certain time mode of eating.

A month after the operation the body has already become a normal way of life, and now the patient can take in food flour products, spices, bean products and even fatty foods.However, it is best to consult with your doctor about the inclusion in the diet of such foods.You can also ask the doctor to make a diet plan for the next month or any other time.

must know that the slightest deterioration of the health of the patient have to give up all food consumed them recently.Better not to risk the health and sometimes do steamed vegetables or chicken broth than a few months to suffer because of the aggravation of injuries.