How do you know what kind of human temperament?

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23 March 2016

few years ago, the magazine "Knowledge - force" Place the dough, giving anyone the opportunity to determine the formula of his temperament.
For this he needs as much as possible to honestly answer the test questions about whether he has certain qualities, and what are its reactions to certain circumstances.
is necessary in response to this test is to keep in mind that should be taken into account your typical reaction, but not the way you behave in extreme cases.

famous psychologist of the century, Wundt argued that the same person at different times may appear all four types of temperament.
In order to determine the formula of his temperament, should count the number of positive responses in each of the four sections of the test.

If the number of positive responses in the section devoted to a particular temperament, will be 16-20, it means that you have pronounced features of this type of temperament.
If there are positive responses 11-15, then the quality of the inherent temperamen
t you pretty much.
If positive answers 6-10, the inherent qualities of this type you absolutely insignificant.

What type of temperament can be considered the best?Based on the assurances of the ancient ideal of a completely equal mixing features of all four types of temperaments, but this ideal is difficult to achieve in practice.
general, each temperament has its positive and negative aspects that you need to know the man to find his place in life.
So, check yourself, know yourself and judge yourself objectively, it will greatly help you.

1) restless, fidgety;
2) inconsistency, quick-tempered;
3) impatient;
4) cutting and straightforward in dealing with people;
5) a strong and enterprising;
6) are stubborn;
7) resourceful in dispute;
8) running in spurts;
9) The risk-averse;
10) forgiving, and thick-skinned;
11) has a quick, passionate, inconsistent with the intonations of speech;
12) unbalanced and prone to fervor;
13) aggressive bully;
14) intolerant of shortcomings;
15) has the expressive facial expressions;
16) are able to act quickly and address;
17) constantly strive for new;
18) has a sharp, jerky movements;
19) are persistent in achieving this goal;
20) are prone to mood swings, - YOU CLEAN choleric .

1) shy and self-conscious;
2) is lost in the new environment;
3) makes it difficult to make contact with strangers;
4) do not believe in their own strength;
5) easy to carry loneliness;
6) feel overwhelmed and confused when failures;
7) tend to withdraw into themselves;
8) quickly get tired;
9) has a weak, quiet speech, sometimes reduced to a whisper;
10) unconsciously adapt to the nature of the interlocutor;
11) impressionable to tears;
12) are extremely susceptible to approval and censure;
13) makes high demands on themselves and others;
14) are inclined to distrust and suspiciousness;
15) painfully sensitive and easily vulnerable;
16) overly touchy;
17) secretive and uncommunicative, do not share with anyone his thoughts;
18) unsociable and timid;
19) meekly submissive;
20) seek to elicit sympathy and support from those around you - YOU CLEAN WATER melancholic .

1) calm and cool;
2) consistent and thorough in affairs;
3) careful and prudent;
4) is able to wait;
5) are silent and do not like to talk in vain;
6) possess a calm, uniform speech, with stops without pronounced emotions, body language;
7) restrained and patient;
8) bring it started to end;
9) Do not waste power;
10) to adhere strictly to the daily life of the developed system of work;
11) easy to restrain impulses;
12) malovospriimchiva for approval and censure;
13) gentleness, manifested condescending attitude toward barbs in his address;
14) are constant in their relations and interests;
15) slowly into gear and switch from one case to another;
16) is smooth in relations with all;
17) like neatness and order throughout;
18) a hard time adapting to the new situation;
19) are inert, lethargic, sluggish;
20) has delayed - then you phlegmatic .

1) happy and cheerful;
2) energetic and businesslike;
3) often do not bring it started to end;
4) tend to overestimate themselves;
5) are able to quickly grasp new;
6) are unstable in the interests and inclinations;
7) easily experiencing failures and troubles;
8) easy to adapt to different circumstances;
9) enthusiastically takes up any new business;
10) cools rapidly, if it ceases to interest you;
11) to quickly switch to a new job and quickly switch from one job to another;
12) burdens monotony, everyday, hard work;
13) sociable and responsive without feeling stiffness with new people for you;
14) endurance and performance;
15) has a loud, fast, excellent speech, accompanied by lively gestures, expressive mimicry;
16) to maintain composure in unexpected, difficult circumstances;
17) is always in good spirits;
18) quickly fall asleep and wake up;
19) are often not collected, to show haste in decisions;
20) sometimes tend to slide on the surface distractions - then you certainly, sanguine .