Adenoids in children (symptoms of inflammation)

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24 May 2016

If your child often suffers from colds, it is possible that the problem lies in the growth of tissue nasopharyngeal tonsils.Since parents can not define it yourself, you need to periodically drive the child for a visit to the doctor, who will check the mouth, examine the nasopharyngeal tonsil, using special medical instruments.What are adenoids in children, what they look like, what are the symptoms of the disease - the answers to these and many other questions in this article.


content of the article:

  1. What is inflammation of the adenoids in children
  2. symptoms
  3. Methods of Treatment of adenoids in children

Adenoids in children: symptoms of inflammation

What is inflammationadenoids in children

tonsils or adenoids are inflamed in children - it is a common disease.Most often children are exposed to it from one year to fifteen years.The disease is a defect in the formation of the amygdala.In some cases, these defects are hereditary, in others - a child after an infection, such as influenza, scarlet fever, measl


In most cases, inflammation of the adenoids in children goes unnoticed and the parents do not consider it a disease.Occasionally when they turn to a specialist, suspecting that the source of the problem - an inflammation of the tonsils.Basically, the disease is determined in the following situations:

  • - Enlarged adenoids in children causing frequent colds that forces go to the doctor.It was at the time of the inspection pediatrician may notice swollen adenoids and send the child to a more detailed examination to Laura.
  • - Another reason that causes parents to apply to the medical institution - an unusual baby's breath.
  • - The third case of detection of the disease - examination in kindergarten.

Very rarely, a child may have a complaint.

inflamed adenoids Identify a child in the early stages is very difficult.Even children's pediatrician is not always able to accurately diagnose.Therefore, parents should not ignore the children's medical check-up in which you need to take a few experts, including Laura.

main task, which is performed adenoids in children - the protective function.Adenoids or tonsils nasopharyngeal represent a barrier that protects the body against harmful microorganisms.

glands are very sensitive, so during cold adenoids in children increased.And when the inflammation process is completed, they return to their initial state.Sometimes it happens that the adenoids in children are constantly in the fevered state, such a situation occurs often if the child catch a cold.This leads to the fact that nasopharyngeal tonsils greatly increased.And the look of the adenoids in children in this case is terrible to imagine - they cover almost the entire nasopharynx.The consequences of this - difficult breathing and hearing defective work.If you do not engage in treatment and the process is not stopped in time, it can lead to a change in shape of the face, speech disorders, formation of malocclusion, curvature of the spine.That's why parents need to know how to identify inflamed adenoids in children.


suffer this ailment, usually children.If the parents time to learn the diagnosis, enlarged adenoids that their children do and timely treatment, then to adolescence adenoid tissue is significantly reduced in size and no longer a threat.

Determine inflamed adenoids in children following symptoms:

  • - the child is always open your mouth, especially at night and breathing happens through it;
  • - though the child has not been cold, but the nose breathing difficult;
  • - prolonged cold, the treatment of which almost no one remedy does not help.

Methods of Treatment of adenoids in children

Before you proceed directly to the treatment of adenoids, it is necessary to determine the extent of the disease.They are three.At various stages of inflammation of the adenoids in children are different symptoms:

  • - first degree.The baby breathes and hears in the normal state.The nasopharynx is observed molasses 1/3 part.
  • - Second degree inflamed adenoids in children is characterized by such symptoms: during sleep disturbed breathing, daytime child hears worse.
  • - Third Degree - the constant difficulty breathing and hearing.All nasopharynx blocked.

If enlarged adenoids in children can be removed.But usually, surgical intervention is required if significant proliferation of lymphoid tissue (third degree).It adenoids in children with symptoms: impaired hearing, speech and blocked half of the nasal tissues.Most often, children tonsils removed with a laser.The main task in this situation - not just reduce the enlarged section in the nasopharynx and eliminate inflammation and its cause.

In that case, if the child has not observed the third stage (and the parents know how to look adenoids in children and realize that not notice this stage of the disease can not be), but the doctor insists on operation, it is best to refer to another specialist.The first and second steps can be dispensed with and the laser surgical intervention.

treatment of inflammatory processes consists of the following procedures:

  • - The use of special funds to suppress inflammation.These funds can be taken inside or lubricate them tonsils.
  • - Doctor own nasal cavity rinses with a special solution, which removes the pus from the surface of the adenoids.Perform this procedure on their own is strictly forbidden, as great a risk to drive the pus deeper.
  • - Physiotherapy - kvartsevanie nasopharynx.

adenoids During treatment the child plays an important role comfortable psychological atmosphere.Parents in any case should not scare your child and tell him that if he does not fulfill all the doctor's instructions, he had an operation.Children need to explain that the disease is serious and if it does not cure it, the healing process will be delayed.With young children, it is desirable to treat inflammation of the adenoids in the game.The disease does not pass by itself, but recovery may come not as fast as we would like, therefore, parents should understand it yourself and be responsible.