How and what to treat adenoids in children

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24 May 2016

Enlarged adenoids or tonsils - a problem that brings a lot of trouble to parents.The most common disease among children of primary school and pre-school age (3-10 years).


content of the article:

  1. Why increase the tonsils in children
  2. symptoms
  3. consequences of the disease
  4. Treatment of adenoids in the child
  5. prevention of disease

How and what to treat adenoids in children

Why are increasing glands in children

adenoids - the bodies that protect the upper respiratory tract infections and a litmus test of the immune system.If the tonsils are increased - so the immune system fails and it is necessary to take measures to restore the immune system.The reason for the increase of the adenoids is very simple - frequent respiratory infections.With frequent colds glands instantly react to inflammation and dramatically increased.They bounce back only after the disease recedes.If the child gets sick often, the glands do not have time to decrease and greatly expand what the child brings a lot of discomfort every min

ute.Parents need to take care not only about how to treat adenoids in children, but also find a way to strengthen the immune system of the baby.


Quite often impossible to determine that the child has a problem with adenoids, and feeling unwell baby's parents blamed on the common cold in children.Symptoms of the disease are veiled, but if you look closely at the behavior of the child and pay attention to some details, the disease can be stopped in time.

  • ° Frequent colds.
  • ° Difficult nasal breathing and frequent shortness of breath.
  • ° night baby sleeping with his mouth open.
  • ° hearing and ear pain.
  • ° Prolonged cold.

Treatment of adenoids in children should be supervised by a doctor, and you must refer to it immediately after the onset of symptoms in this group.

consequences of the disease

colds and inflammations are dangerous because they cause complications in the child's body.The danger lies in the fact that parents are so busy with the elimination of the causes of the disease that does not immediately draw attention to the consequences.

Complications of the disease adenoids

  • ° Complete or partial loss of hearing.Develops unnoticed and often parents pay attention to this problem, when the disease has already caused great harm to health.Sometimes restore hearing of the child is no longer possible.
  • ° Enlarged tonsils that interfere with free breathing and swallowing food.
  • ° Sleep disturbance (as a result of breathing problems) and the excitement of the nervous system.
  • ° Regular enlarged tonsils leads to incontinence.
  • ° frequent colds, which occur due to the fact that the child is breathing nose, where there is no protection against infection.
  • ° Chronic disease of tonsils with frequent colds.
  • ° child becomes sluggish, as the body does not come up to 18% oxygen.This factor also affected the functioning of the brain.
  • ° frequent laryngitis and bronchitis.

This is only the most common types of complications that occur in the disease of tonsils, so the parents as soon as possible, you should take care of the health of the baby and to decide how to cure adenoids in children that the disease is not passed into the chronic form.

adenoids Treatment of a child

After a disappointing diagnosis doctors to parents a new problem: how to cure a child's adenoids how to choose the right medication and determine the correct treatment system.

For doctors the easiest way to get rid of the problem - to remove adenoids surgically.But parents should not settle.It can always be done, and it is necessary to seek a cure for adenoidectomy for children that will result.Also, remember that when you remove the glands, we deprive the body of the filter, which catches the infectious bacteria.

method of treatment depends on the degree of adenoid disease.

  • ° 1 degree - the tonsils cover a third of the nasopharynx.
  • ° 2 degree - closed half of the nasopharynx.
  • ° 3 degree - adenoids nasopharynx covered completely.

When the first degree of the disease the child is breathing normally, but complaints of feeling unwell.In the second degree, there is a complication of breathing during sleep, snoring is possible, a hearing problem.The third degree of the disease is characterized by intermittent hearing loss and difficult breathing.

Removal of tonsils - an extreme case.If traditional medicine and saline lavage did not give the expected result, you can try folk remedies treatment of adenoids in children, respiratory gymnastics classes.Treatment of adenoids in the child folk remedies today enjoys great popularity and is a regular rinses nasal infusions collection of herbs St. John's wort, horsetail, calendula, mother and stepmother, chamomile, plantain, yarrow ... Good results give washing with sea water and use of infusions of herbs inside (only in the absence of allergic reactions in children).Folk remedies for adenoids in children is recommended to use as a comprehensive treatment, with medication that quickly relieve inflammation and infection is removed.

disease prevention

prevention of any disease - the best way to avoid a lot of problems.The cause of this disease is an infection from which it is impossible to run away and hide.What to do?Tempering the child do with it morning exercises, follow the oral hygiene, wash hands after train trips and contact with friends.