How to cut your cat's claws (cat).

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20 April 2016

cat in the house - it is joy and challenges at the same time.The owners should be prepared for the fact that the home favorite will not spare any upholstered furniture or wallpaper in the house.Cats claws grow continuously and they have to sharpen them, thus adjusting the length.Very often cats for this procedure choose the most inappropriate, in terms of host items.And then there many question whether it is possible to trim the cat's claws.Opinions on this matter are different, someone considers this procedure a normal and even necessary.And someone puts forward a number of arguments "against".Before you trim your cat's claws, weigh the pros and cons.And, most importantly, think about whether you want to cut your cat's claws at all.


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  1. Should I cut the claws cat and what does it do
  2. it possible to cut the claws of cats, the arguments "for" and "against"
  3. Howcut the claws cat that it needs to know and have on hand
  4. How to trim the claws cat, step by
    step instructions

How to cut your cat

Should I cut the claws cat and what does it do

claws for cats - a very importantauthority.Without them, they would not be able to hunt, climb trees, they play a significant role in the coordination of movements during running and walking.In the wild, cats are constantly claws as intensely moving.They get into the most incredible places in search of prey or escaping from danger.However, many times you can see a domestic cat, which is sharpening its claws on a tree trunk.In this situation, there is no question as to trim the cat's claws, he does it himself, scratching all the most suitable for this purpose.

Another thing pet.Designated movements and maneuvers he is much less, and do not go hunting cats that live in the apartment.Thus, the growth rate of claws absolutely unchanged.Here the question arises whether it is possible to cut the claws of a cat house.After all, in any case, they will grow, while staying in an apartment half of their functions do not need a cat.In addition, owners who are interested in how to cut the claws of a cat, often worried because she spoils the furniture scratched.By and large inconvenience for the owner - this is the main argument for cutting the claws of cats.

it possible to cut the claws of cats, the arguments "for" and "against»

So, how to cut nails cat and whether to do it.Here are a few arguments of supporters of such a procedure:

  • • Domestic cats can not claw whittle themselves to the extent necessary.They they grow too long, which can lead to delamination in ingrowth pad.If trimming the claws of cats do, they will eventually stop them going constantly engages the furniture, carpets and other items.
  • • The need to trim the claws occurs when they are injured or very exfoliate.
  • • Often before the cut claws cat owners have had to say goodbye to the wallpaper in the room, on the sofa upholstery, door trim, and sometimes parquet.All of these things turned out to be corrupt and anyone who comes to visit, immediately sees in the house lives a cat.
  • • Question whether cats claws cut, disappears by itself if there are children in the house.Constantly scratched the child leaves parents choice.
  • • Mowing claws in cats shall be required before the show.This is an argument for the owners of elite thoroughbred animals.

Opponents of whether it is possible to trim the claws cats also bring their arguments, they are no less weighty:

  • • Even if the owner knows how to cut the claws of a cat, it is impossible to avoid injuries.After keratinized portion has a length of only two or three millimeters.After an injury claw easily infected.
  • • The procedure can be quite painful for the animal, because of the claw includes nerve endings.Even when you know how to cut the claws of the cat very carefully, it will not be the best "memories" of the process.And it will have to deal with regularly.
  • • Immediately how to cut a cat's claws, they will become less functional, clinging to the surface of various cat will be difficult.The animal does not immediately understand its limitations, can jump on the carpet, cupboard or somewhere else and drop, short nails will not hold it.So is it possible to cut the claws of cats when it increases the risk of injury to an animal?
  • • Once a cat claws cut once, have to do it on a regular basis, be once or twice a month.Think now that he put to more permanent unpleasant procedures or slightly scratched furniture.

How to trim the claws of a cat that you need to know and have on hand

If the question whether it is possible to trim the claws cats, you yourself said yes, find out first how the claws are arranged.Cat's Claw - a fairly complex system, and it is only the visible part of her piece.It consists of bones, muscles and joints, which provide motion.It is thanks to them that cats can hide and claws put out of his pads.But before you trim the cat's claws, it is important to know and more.Inside of the claw are blood vessels and nerves, they constitute the so-called pulp.It takes most of the claw and grows along with it.Chapped part that can be cut, it is only a few millimeters from the edge of the claw.This caveat must be considered in the care of a cat and learning how to trim claws cat.

Before cutting claws cat, it is necessary to prepare the tools.You can not do the procedure with scissors, they are not tailored to the shape of cat's claw and can easily injure it.It is best to buy in the store special scissors to cut the claws (kogterezki).They are a little bit similar to normal, but their cutting surface is very sharp and the shape is specially adjusted to the shape of a claw.A more advanced version - special tweezers, enjoy them even more comfortable and the risk of injury is further reduced.If before cutting claws cat, you do not have time to buy tools, you can use ordinary nail clippers, but they must be well-sharpened.

Before cat claws cut, prepare a "working" position.Near at hand have to be wool, peroxide or another antiseptic, in case during the haircut you accidentally injure claw.All the tools you need to wipe with alcohol and wash your hands thoroughly.When you're done, you can proceed to the step by step instructions on how to properly cut the cat's claws.

How to trim the claws cat, step by step instructions

So, how to trim the cat's claws?What should be done to the animal procedure was less painful and it has not experienced severe stress?And most importantly, that the next time, before trimming a cat's claws, you do not have to catch it all over the house.Here is a small step by step instructions how to trim claws cat:

  • • Take the kitten in his arms, it is advisable when he is asleep, or too active, stroke and calm the animal.
  • • Gently grab a foot, before cutting the cat's claws.Keep it should be gently but firmly and confidently that the cat is not pulled it at the right time.
  • • To claw open, you must press the center of the finger pad.
  • • Knowing how to properly cut the cat's claws, any host will do it in good light.Then the light you can carefully consider the claw and see the pulp gently pink color.It is in any case can not be hurt, the cat will be very painful and will bleed.Chapped edge is gray, and it can be cut.
  • • Pick up Nail Clipper (scissors and tweezers) and hold it claw so that the pulp to remain at least a millimeter.The tool must be perpendicular to the surface of the legs and claws.
  • • Once properly cut cat's claws, they can be a little sawed using conventional nail files.
  • • When the claw was injured and bled, do not be afraid.Just treat it with peroxide.

If you find it difficult to understand how to trim the claws of a cat, scary to do it yourself, you can contact the salon or clinic for animals.The procedure is quite inexpensive.Just keep in mind that a campaign in a salon or clinic for a domestic cat will be an additional stress.Therefore it is better to learn how to cut your nails a cat or try to call the master at home.

When asked whether it is possible to cut claws of cats, you yourself answered in the negative, provide an opportunity to pet them constantly sharpening.To do this, you can buy in the store a special device and put it into the house for the cat.And even easier to drag the street a small timber with bark, because in the wild trees are precisely the main sharpener for cat claws.