At what age are castrated cats?

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20 April 2016

The house has settled a kitten, a few days later he becomes the darling of the family and one of it can not come off.But the kitten is growing and very soon turns into an adult cat.And then all feel "charm" of a pet.He begins to mark territory, in the apartment there is a peculiar smell.And with the arrival of spring the cat wakes up his basic instinct, it is hysterically meows and at the first opportunity runs away from home to take a walk.Here and there in front of the masters of the question when it is possible to neuter the cat and whether to do it.Before talking about how much neutered cats should weigh all the "pros" and against castration and decide whether you will do it at all.


content of the article:

  1. When can neutered cat and whether to do it
  2. What stereotypes interfere in cases where you can neutered cat
  3. Neutering a cat ages optimal
  4. Castration cats, up to what age can do it?

At what age are castrated cats?

When can neutered cat and whether to do it

Around castration cats There a

re many legends.Some argue that pets will only become better.Others believe that castration - is animal abuse.Therefore, the owners have wondered at what age castrated cats are often still in doubt, they will do it or not.In fact, it's not so bad, at castration has its advantages and disadvantages.

When neutered cat, then immediately disappeared a number of problems.The truth is there are some new ones, but they can be easily solved.However, when you have a cat neutered each owner can decide himself to do it or not.Here are the advantages of this procedure:

  • • When the cat neutered, he will live longer.Statistically it is proven that the life expectancy of these animals 1.5-2 years longer than the non-castrated.
  • • cat will be much calmer, he will not occasionally meow at night, he lost the aggression.When the cat neutered, they will be easier to manage and educate.
  • • The house will disappear smell of labels, carpets, sofas and floors are clean.
  • • The animal will decrease the likelihood of diseases such as prostatitis, hormone-dependent tumors of the testes and testicles.

And now about the shortcomings, they largely depend on the age at which neutered cats.The sooner this is done, the easier it will transfer operation of the animal, and it will have less complications.Thus, the disadvantages of castration:

  • • Any castration is performed under general anesthesia and anesthesia - it is always a risk to health, although not high.It increases when the cat castration is carried whose age is too large.
  • • After surgery, complications can always occur.This bleeding, and infection, and the divergence of joints.The probability of their reduced with good skill of the surgeon, proper care, proper training of the animal (cat should be healthy).Also, the risk of complications depends on how many cats are castrated, the young it is quite small.
  • • When neutered cat, it increases the risk of kidney stones.To deal with this possible by giving him special food and plenty of water.

What stereotypes interfere in cases where the cat can be neutered

When you need to neuter a cat, many owners begin to torment doubt because of stereotypes that have arisen around this operation.For example, it is believed that the cats become passive and quickly grow fat.In fact it is not, good nutrition helps to maintain healthy weight.The activity should not be confused with the aggressiveness that appears under the influence of hormones.Castration cats, until what age it would not have been made, perfectly preserves mobility, curiosity pet, he will play with the children and deliver no less joy than before the operation.

Some people passed the time when it is better to neuter a cat, because they fear it "hurt."They think that the animal will suffer from the fact that he could not reproduce offspring.In fact, cats are not so clever, their sexual desire wakes up only under the influence of hormones, and in certain periods of the year.The rest of the time they do not think about it.No matter at what age castrated cats, their sexual desire disappears, because the iron is removed, producing hormones.There is only one caveat before castration cat does not need to reduce the cat.He is "remember" and because his body still produced a small amount of hormones, periodically appear catlike "Wishlist."Such situations can arise when neutered cat, which age is more than two years.

Neutering a cat best age

Now detail to consider, at what age castrated cats.Most veterinarians believe that the optimal castration cat, whose age has not yet reached the year.It is best to do the procedure in 7-9 months.At this time he is old enough, he started but not yet completed puberty.When it is fully completed, the hormones are produced not only in the testis and in the pituitary.When removing the testicles at a young age, their signal is sent to the pituitary gland and the hormones are produced in very small quantities.This feature is taken into account when deciding on the castration of cats, to what age her conduct.

Kotov, who are under seven months, it is not necessary to operate.This can lead to such complications as urethral stricture.Urinary canal in young animals too narrow and the slightest inflammation (and it certainly appears, no matter at what age castrated cats) leads to the formation of adhesions and the overlap of the ureter.Therefore, all the vets, when asked how many months of castrated cats, it is recommended to do this no sooner than seven.

Castration cats, up to what age can do it?

Can neutered adult cat?Veterinarians estimate that up to seven years, it is nothing special is not threatened.After seven - the risk of complications increases dramatically, the old cat can not move anesthesia or die from complications after surgery.Adults considered to be a cat, who is 2 years old.By this time it is ripe, it has produced hormones in the testes or pituitary gland, perhaps, by the time he could not meet with a single cat.But the age when you can neutered cat has not yet passed.It is only necessary to understand what it is doing.

For what reasons carried out an operation to animals after 2 years?Perhaps the hosts missed the point and did not ask how much can be neutered cat.Perhaps the reason is that before doing this was somehow afraid.But there comes a time in the house and it becomes unbearable because of the smell, the cat is increasingly aggressive.Periodic "concert" started to irritate, and the cat every time there is no way to search.Here the question arises, how much should be neutered cat.

In fact, there are, and can carry out the operation.Keep in mind, the older cat, the harder it is it brings.He's more likely to get complications from anesthesia and postoperative period passes longer, up to five or six days.Since the age when it is best neutered cats have already passed, then get rid of all the bad habits of your pet will not succeed.In 90% of cases of aggression (if it cared most) continues, it will not change, and other traits.

About 15% of an adult neutered cats continue to be labeled, although much weaker smell marks.And if the cat at least once tried a cat, then occasionally he appears desire and it will say it loud.So should carefully see to it that the age at which neutered cats and do it on time.