House cat (for a cat) with his own hands: how to do?

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20 April 2016

As you know, the cat - an animal that walks by itself.However, whatever the cat was independent and proud, it is tied to the people, becauseOnly a person can take care of the cat as it should.And why cats live near those who tamed them and become real members of the family.


content of the article:

  1. What should be the cat's house
  2. Which house does not fit cat
  3. How to make a home for the cat
  4. How to make a home for the cat out of the box
  5. How to make a home for the cat out of plywood
  6. wooden house for the cat with your own hands
  7. How to make a home for the kitten

House cat (for a cat) with his own hands: how to make

If your house lives a cat, you more than anyone else know that these domestic animals love not only to eatand bask in the sun, but also lie in some secluded place, for example, in a box from under the shoe or in someone's boot.Surely you do not just pet were caught her sleeping in the closet on the top shelf in the cupboard under the TV.Or maybe it's time to think about how to make a house for the cat?Afte

r all, sometimes he also wants to retire, and a separate room for the animal you hardly provided.You can certainly buy a "flat" for the cat, but it is best to design a house for a cat with his own hands, the more you know, a home she liked.

What should be the cat's house

Before we talk about how to make a home for the cat, let's discuss how it should be, your pet would like to live in it.As you know, cats love warm, and even on the hottest summer day, they did not slezut from the windowsill enough to soak up the hot sun.In addition to the heat necessary for cats hiding place where nobody disturbed during sleep.And of course, these higher animals like the place where you can observe what is happening in the house.So many cats can sit on the wall cabinet, and some even manage to climb to the mezzanine.Hence, we do a simple conclusion - cats need a warm, cozy house and it is desirable there, where it will be able to see everything, including households.

House for the cat with his own hands made of any material at hand, but we will tell you more.I wanted to draw attention to the fact that creating a cat house with their own hands, you must take into account the nature of the animal.If the cat is confident and feels comfortable at home, in the house as it is suitable for even the basket postelennuyu it with a soft cloth.But for the fearful and nervous cats needed indoor house, where she will not only live, but also to hide from intruders.

Which house does not fit cat

If you decide to make the cat house with their hands, then you should know what it is to live in, most likely, will not.The cat does not like drafts and in general any manifestation of cold.Therefore, it is not suitable to house a large number of inputs.As we have said, cats love to higher places, to be aware of what is happening in the house.This means that the self-made houses for cats, it is desirable to design so that they towered above the floor.

If you are interested in how to make a home for the cat, so that it will last for many, it is not necessary to do his favorite house of quilt.No matter how you like a soft bed to his cat, remember that it can sharpen your nails anywhere, including in his house.Therefore, if you decide to make a home for the cat with your own hands, look for this very durable material.Although a temporary home for a baby can be made soft.Generally home for the kitten with his own hands is very easy to build, but to teach it to him sometimes is not easy.

How to make a home for the cat

So what's "real estate" is right for the cat, you know about.Now let's look at some ways to build a cat house with their own hands.First you need to make a drawing of a house cat.Then you need to decide on the material for it.As it may be amiss: a cardboard box, plywood, wood, string and even a newspaper.No synthetic chemicals and cats in the house should not be.

How to make a home for the cat out of the box

easiest way to make a home for the pet out of the box.As you know, there no pattern for house cats are not required.All you need to do is cut a hole in the box for input.At the bottom of her bed, something warm, and home to a cat with his hands ready.But be aware that although the board and dense, but very impractical.It can not be washed, but to nibble and scratch very easily.Such housing does not last a long time, so make the best of cardboard house for the kitten.How to do it, you tell your imagination, but do not forget that this is a temporary home for the cat.

How to make a home for the cat out of plywood

Cat's house with his own hands will be much more practical to make plywood.First, draw a drawing for a house cat.Decide how many floors it will be because of the plywood can be constructed for locking a favorite animal.If it is two stories, the first of which will be to put the tray with cat litter.Do not get carried away

inlets, remember that drafts the cat to anything.It is better to make between floors house various passages in the form of cylinders of cardboard or ladder from boards.This design will please your pet, especially if he loves to play.No matter how you designed the house, do not forget to elevate it felt warm, or other material that your pet is happy to sign up to his home.

wooden house for the cat with your own hands

If you are thinking about how to make a house cat so that he served for a long time, then as a material for a select tree.If you have a few wooden planks, you can build your you do not just house the household, and the whole town!Home for cats should be tinkering with his own hands only natural wood, but so it is advisable not to cover it with any colors.

House cat (for a cat) with his own hands: how to make 2

If you have an old stools, tables and wall shelves, they can also be used in building a house for the cat.From a few stools, you can make a cat flats and hanging shelves can even leave where they were, but they finish the walls and the "window" and make a ladder to home.

How to make a home for the kitten

cat cub house can be made out of any unwanted tissue.Sharpens here do not need to, because you do not know whether to train a kitten to your home.And the kittens become adults very quickly, so the house will need to be rebuilt.So a house with his own hands for the kitten will sew.To do this, first we will need Pattern house cat.Choose the right material.If this is the bench, then it would be best to take the foam.For a closed house for the kitten except foam padding polyester can be useful, felt and upholstery fabric.

bench to make very simple.Cut the foam from the bottom of the first, and then a side, which should be 10-15 cm shorter than the circumference of the couches.This gap is the entrance to a small kitten.Next you need to sheathe foam blank any suitable material, and then connect the parts.

House with one hole to enter to do the same is not so difficult.For him, except those parts that are already there, you need a roof.Take the foam the size of two times more than the bottom of the couches, cut it 4-6 from the edge of the ground to the center, overlapped cut edge and secure.Obsheyte fabric roof.But first be sure to attach the roof to the side and make the basting.Then connect the two parts, and the house is ready for a kitten.

For kittens older can build the same houses as well as for adults only entertainment elements can be made larger.But most importantly, follow the safety and health of the cat houses.They should not be a woolen fabrics, pile where the cat can choke on.Do not allow cats to carry food to the house.Keep the cat in the house, especially if the home a small kitten.Remember that leaving his house one day, the cat may it never return.