From what to wear green boots?

By Admin | Fashion
27 March 2016

new season dictates what to wear green boots.After all, this is a trend color.However, not everyone knows how to combine them with things from your wardrobe.

From what to wear green boots, is very relevant in 2014?Here are some interesting tips that will give fashion designers and professional stylists.They are useful for every woman who wants to look beautiful.

From what to wear green boots?

Where to buy

If you decide to buy the boots through the online store, you have to make a start only on the color and appearance of the boot.It is much easier to pick up shoes in stores.In fashion boots with solid heel, feminine stud tankette or flat sole.The color scheme is very high - from the rich to the dark grassy marsh.Do not be amiss and decor.Remember, when choosing a boot repelled in the first place to their senses.

What to wear

If you decide to become a happy owner of the green shoe, the attention from those around you provided.Despite its brightness, green boots will be the perfect end to both business and extravagant atti


  • boots with heels are best worn with skirts, trousers or jeans.
  • Elegant boots with high heels are perfect for dresses and skirts of any length.
  • Wedge Boots are ideal for everyday wear and suitable for any image.
  • Treads perfectly combined both with short dresses, skirts, shorts, and with skinny jeans.
  • Boots "Cossack" by themselves are interesting, and if they are still green, it will certainly cause interest among others.These boots look great with a sweater or warm jacket brown, blue or mustard hues.More gently boots will look pink or beige things.

From what to wear green boots? From what to wear green boots?

color combination

So green boots are ideally combined with red and blue flowers.It looks very impressive combination of green and orange.Over modestly Green looks to classic colors: black and white.Unusual and interesting, combined with a green look turquoise and purple.(see the article "Learning to combine purple clothing").

Since a great many shades of green, let's talk more about the most common:

  • Light green.Against the background of these white boots will look more profitable and bright.Just nice boots will be combined with other shades of green or gray.Boots of the color does not quite whimsical to the combination of colors, and you can safely experiment;
  • Emerald.These boots were the most popular after the presentation.They combine perfectly with hints of chocolate (not less popular this year) clothing and accessories.Also boots are chic look with light brown or mustard handbag;
  • Dark green.These boots perfectly replace the classic black.Compared with black, dark green shoes will give your image contrast.Effectively look boots with bright yellow things.Beige and pink colors give the image of irony.Make a deeper way possible using a combination of dark green boots and blue items.To add such an image can be green suede handbag.To effectively looking boots with outerwear, it must dark blue or dark turquoise.The length of the garment can be any.
  • Ā«Hacks".Boots of the shade of green harmonious look with white and brown clothing or accessories.To add an image, you can bag or a scarf of bright and rich colors (such as yellow or orange).

Whichever shades of green boots will look great with a one-color dress (see. Article "From what to wear blouse").Do not be afraid to experiment.To the question "what to wear green boots" can give a definite answer - almost any things from your wardrobe.The main thing that the image was harmonious, complete and right for you.