The red eyes of the child.

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17 May 2016

Such symptoms as sore eyes, a child may indicate the beginning of a serious disease that causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and blood vessels.It is therefore understandable anxiety of parents who find it from his crumbs.After all, some eye diseases can lead to the fact that the child begins to lose his sight.Let's analyze in detail each of them.

The red eyes of the child.

Red eyes of the child.Why baby red eyes?

conjunctivitis often occurs in young children.It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye caused by the hit to harmful bacteria, viruses and infections.Often conjunctivitis arises because of the common cold, flu or SARS and is one of the causes of red eyes in a child is associated with inflammatory processes that accompany the disease.Inflammation - which is why the child's red eyes.Other symptoms of conjunctivitis - a tearing, photophobia, and purulent discharge from the eyes.

conjunctivitis often occurs in newborns.Conjunctivitis is highly contagious, and its treatment should be car

ried out immediately.Usually, the doctor prescribes special ointments and drops, as well as rinsing herbal infusions and tea.Fairly quickly the child will feel the improvement, the eyes are no longer red and irritated, pus gradually come to naught.However, if the cause of conjunctivitis was allergic reaction, which also often occurs in children, it is desirable to identify allergen which triggered the onset of disease.

red eyes of a child causes: trauma, foreign body

Very often the cause of red eye in a child it becomes damaged, or getting to a foreign body.In the latter case, you can help your child by yourself, carefully pull it out of the eye, or if the mote cilium cause irritation, is within reach.Do not try to pull the foreign object hands better wash glazik baby infusion of chamomile or boiled water.In the event that all attempts to remove the foreign object in vain, and the child's eyes reddened even more, you should seek medical advice as possible, that it is a serious injury.

The baby red squirrels eyes

In that case, if the child is born with red eyes, and you do not see all of the above symptoms, it's likely you are faced with this disease, as the blocked tear duct, which is quite common in infants.If your child has red squirrels eye, this problem should consult a doctor.As in the case of conjunctivitis, help here antibacterial drops and ointments for children.

Red eyes of a child causes: visual load

often cause redness of the eyes of the child becomes eyestrain while reading, watching TV or studying.To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to equip the workplace of the child an additional light source, ensure that the baby did not read in the dark, and not to abuse the TV watching and computer games, as it can lead not only to the redness of the eyes, but also to such populardiseases such as nearsightedness.

red eyes of the child: the treatment

In the event that the cause of red eyes in a child is not any inflammatory disease, you can help the kid, and the treatment of red eyes of a child will include a special lotion with herbal teas, as well ascold compresses to help relieve tension from the eyes.If you suspect that a child begins any eye disease, you should consult a doctor, since only an expert can make an accurate diagnosis and to find the right means to resolve the issue.Most likely, your child will require a comprehensive treatment that includes antibiotics, as well as means for eyewash.