Cleopatra Makeup

By Admin | Beauty / Facial
24 April 2016

Cleopatra's beauty for many centuries offered up to heaven.If you want a little bit closer to the way of luxury, independent, dominating women do makeup in the style of Cleopatra.


Makeup Cleopatra: facial skin

If you want to make Cleopatra incrementally, starting still have to bring a person in order.Smooth skin tone is a prerequisite for the makeup.

draw attention to the fact that the color of foundation or mousse should be a few shades lighter than your skin.Cosmetics applied not only to the face and on the neck, ears, and décolleté.

Makeup Cleopatra Halloween

Fix toning using transparent powder.If you wish, you can also set off the rouge cheeks and the area above the eyes - this will give your face freshness.

Eyebrows Makeup Cleopatra, photos of which are shown below, includes giving eyebrows the perfect shape.They should not only be clearly defined, but blacked out.It is enough to add a little black shadows, but better - a soft pencil.

Photo: Cleopatra Makeup

Makeup Cleopatra: how to paint eyes

The classic version: make-up in the style of Cleopatra

Whenever starting to work with make-up in the style of Cleopatra, you must perform the following procedures:

  • • Apply a yellow or golden shade on the inner corner of the eye and the brow arch, blend.
  • • Apply a bright orange shade on the outer corner of the eye and the brow arch.
  • • Apply a turquoise shade of the mobile age, feathered borders with other shades (from top to bottom).
  • • Along the lash line, apply a black pencil.
  • • Eyeliner lower eyelid should go in the direction of the temple, gradually thickening.
  • • Using white eyeliner applied to two small branches from the black line.

There is another technique for creating make-up Cleopatra.In particular:

  • • Apply the golden shade on all upper eyelid.
  • • Black eyeliner carefully Draw a line growth of eyelashes, pulling it to his temple and gradually thickening.
  • • Using a special brush smudge the line, add a little black (shadow).
  • • gel eyeliner pencil or a mild black eye contour highlight.
  • • Apply the blue shade on the upper black line.
  • • Apply the golden shade under the lower eyelid, starting from the middle and moving toward the temple.
  • • nakraste lashes.

Option Cleopatra eye makeup

Modern (Rainbow) for Cleopatra eye makeup

Eye Makeup for Cleopatra in golden shades

To your eyes sparkled, experts also recommended to add a little shadow beige in the area under the eyebrows.This shade can also be applied to the inner corners.

Photo: Cleopatra eye makeup step by step

If you want to experiment with colors, the palette is a little change.In particular, make Cleopatra can be done with pink shadows cast by redness, adding to them pearly gray shadows.

Makeup in the style of Cleopatra: a palette of shades of red

Lips Cleopatra

As for the lips, in the make-up Cleopatra allowed fairly bright color of lipstick.In particular, first drawn in pencil brown contour of the lips of any shade.Thereafter pearly lipstick is applied (e.g., orange).

If desired, you can also use the shine.However, in this case, try to choose the "sparkling" shades.