Beds for cats (cat) with his own hands

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15 April 2016

Domestic cats though considerably less than their wild ancestors, their way of life is not too different from them.So, the lion sleeps 20-22 hours and only one hour a day gives chase.His cousins ​​that live in our homes, are more active lifestyle, however, sleep devote a lot of time.Therefore, care must be equipped to cat pet a place that he has not slept on the head or, for example, in the washing machine.


content of the article:

  1. Beds for cats with their hands
  2. bench type Regiment
  3. bench-type pillow
  4. bench-type basket
  5. How to couch for the cat of unnecessary things
  6. mattresses and pillows

Beds for cats (cat) with his own hands

Beds for cats with their hands

Make Beds for cats own - it's not the economy, and the only right decision.If you love your mustachioed, furry animal, you probably want it to be healthy and full of energy.Often purchased houses and beds are made of cheap materials that will cause itching on the skin of a cat or, worse, emit volatile chemical compounds that cause cancer.If

you do not know the cat susceptible to this disease, as well as people.

decision has been taken, and now need to determine the appearance.The most common options are:

  • • shelf;
  • • theft;
  • • basket;
  • • Use of unnecessary things.

consider how to make the bench for cats of all these categories.

bench type Regiment

If you do not want too much strain and invent a bicycle, it is best to do for a pet lounger shelves.To do this:

  1. Plan a hike in construction hypermarket.
  2. Buy shelf sizes at least 20x40 cm, max - 40x80 cm.
  3. Select suitable corners 2 pcs., Look beautiful forged, but it all depends on the particular design of the room.
  4. Bring all home and try on the shelf to the walls in the room, the bedroom or the kitchen.It depends on where the cat likes to spend time.
  5. Install the shelf at a height of 20 cm from the floor, this will require a drill, drill 8 or 10 for concrete, 4 dowels with screws 8 or 10, respectively, 4 screws for wood.
  6. shelved any old pillow, buy or make a mat size shelves.
  7. Attach cushion to the shelf, the easiest way to glue.

By the time you will need 2 to 4 hours, depending on the distance from the market or building hypermarkets.

bench-type pillow

If you need not only practical, but also beautiful cat bench with your hands, do it in the form of pillows.You will need:

  • • foam;
  • • tissue;
  • • Pattern couches for the cat.

As the pattern cut out of the fabric piece.Should he succeed, or bottom of a lounger and circular bezel - collar.And sun loungers and equip collar snake, that, if necessary, can be replaced by foam.We sew the bottom and sides interconnected.Beds for the cat with his hands ready.

A few words should be said about the material.The outer part of the sun beds can be any, but the inside can be used only natural fabrics such as:

  • • silk;
  • • bike;
  • • cotton.

Synthetics avoid, difficult to find quality and cheap is bad for the animal.Now we know how to sew for the cat couch.Its shape, size and height depends either on patterns that are using, or the imagination.The main advantage of the product - mobility, portability and the ability to erase.

bench-type basket

How to sew a cat couch we understand, we see that the work is not heavy.If you want to really surprise, basket-weave original lager.In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Anatomic cat with his own hands from willow twigs implies:

  • • a large pot or cauldron;
  • • 100-200 wicker;
  • • spare time.

main secret of weaving from a rod - you should first boil for at least one hour.This gives more flexibility and allows you to build products of any complexity.The most simple scheme:

  1. Take the rod, and circumcised him the length loungers, say 50 cm.
  2. At this length, we need about 70 sticks to the bottom of the dial, 30 pieces of 50 cm and 40 pieces of 40 cm.
  3. Putthe length of the first rod, turn the plant in a three rod front and rear.
  4. fix a design of another rods long and three wide.
  5. design already has an initial reserve of strength, so further weave in random order.
  6. When the bottom is ready, move on to the walls.The principle is the same, but the length of the edge rods have to go to the bottom.
  7. Next propletaem edge around the perimeter of the two willow branches, is finally fix the design and make it reliable.
  8. recommended proplesti and edges of the walls to the cat without hurting the sharp, protruding tips of the branches.
  9. Gruntuem article, we reveal its stain and apply a layer of varnish.

sunbed for the cat with your own hands is almost ready, it remains only to lay at the bottom of a pad or mat.

If you want to shed, it is not necessary to weave the board.Collect the bars, on opposite sides of the lounger, gradually increasing the length of the rods to increase the height.Step into 0.8-1.5 cm, depending on the thickness of the branches.

By the way, there is one more important secret, immediately after provarkoy rods must be cleaned from the bark and allow them to cool for at least two hours.Later, crude bark starts to dry out, shrink in size, burst and peel off.This will damage the paintwork.

How to make a couch for the cat out of the unnecessary things

idea relevant to the premises in the style of Provence, or Art Deco interiors in the rest of it will look unnatural and cheap.It would take a pillow and one of the following items:

  • • half old suitcase,
  • • drum from the washing machine,
  • • old round basket,
  • • tires.

Install one of these things where you like, and just put it in the mat.Cat is this enough.

mattresses and pillows

As you can see, the options are many, most of them need additional elements.Hence the question, how to sew a sunbed for the cat, which can be used as a mat?

To do this:

  • • look simple pattern Beds for cats;
  • • Take only the part that relates to the manufacture of the bottom;
  • • Select the fabric;
  • • arm with a needle and thread, if there is a sewing machine;
  • • sew the bottom half on three sides;
  • • vsheyte lightning,
  • • fill it with foam, wool or feathers.

That's the whole procedure is to be performed to make a sunbed for the cat.