Tulips in the spring: planting, care, growing at home

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15 April 2016

bright colors of blooming tulips always produce a good mood.But what would spring garden look unique, you need to know a few rules about spring planting and caring for tulips.


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  1. Planting tulips in the ground in spring
  2. Care tulips
  3. Growing tulips in the greenhouse cultivation of tulips
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  5. Growing tulips from seed

Tulips in the spring: planting, care, growing at home

Planting tulips in the ground in spring

Planting tulips in spring in open ground can be as successful as autumn.This should be done after the last frost, when the soil temperature rises above 5 degrees.

Useful tips on how to plant tulips in the spring:

  • • the day before landing, the bulbs are left in the freezer, then lowered them for an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate;
  • • planting tulips in the ground in the spring can be in the form of sprouts.For this purpose they are placed at the end of March in a box with a thin layer of earth and allowed to cool;
  • • site for tulips should be protected from the win
    ds of the open and well-illuminated, undesirable high occurrence of groundwater;
  • • landing site previously dug to a depth of about twenty centimeters, pour coarse sand and humus;
  • • spring planting tulip bulbs is made at a distance of 10 cm in the same row, row spacing - 30 cm;
  • • care of tulips in the spring includes fertilizer before flowering.The mixture is brought to the whole section and consists of equal parts of phosphorus and nitrogen by 35 g and 25 g potassium.Fertilizer diluted in a bucket of water;
  • • a great way to maximize the bloom of spring crops on the same plot - "story-landing."When thrown tulips, in the hole further located a few primroses bulbs (crocus, hyacinth), which then are poured a thin layer of earth.New buds will appear one after the other in a few months.

Care tulips

recommendations on how to take care of tulips include mandatory measures: weeding, fertilizing, cleaning.This must be done carefully to avoid damaging the living body of the plant.

changes in the appearance of tulips in bloom when they may indicate the presence of certain diseases or nutritional deficiencies.For example, weak stalks and small buds - a symptom of Fusarium, or wet rot.Excessively narrow sheet plate having deficiency of nitrogen in the soil.Cultivation and care for tulips is impossible without timely response to these changes, making the appropriate additives.

to care for tulips before and after flowering sure to include the removal of diseased bulbs.They are removed completely, with stems, roots and nearby soil.It is advisable to pour it their warm solution of potassium permanganate.

Re-planting tulip bulbs need not be repeated every year.They can not dig out of 3-4 years in a row, if you select a good site and time to make fertilizer.

Growing tulips in the greenhouse

spring planting tulips in the greenhouse is very beneficial, because they do not require large amounts of light and heat.Preparing bulbs going on exactly as before planting in open ground: they are placed in boxes with a thin layer of earth and endure the cold.

Before you bring the boxes in a greenhouse, it is necessary to make sure that the bulbs in boxes formed shoots 10 cm long. They are then covered with a dark film.The room temperature - about 18 degrees, the ground must be constantly moistened.Three weeks later, greenhouse cultivation and care of tulips will bear fruit - the buds bloom in unison.

Growing tulips at home

Often planting spring tulips in a pot is made in order to get flowers for March 8.For the cultivation of tulips in the apartment of varieties is better to choose the type of Oxford, London, diplomat, or special Vivex Dutch varieties for distillation.If you choose native planting, you should pay attention to the caliber, the density and weight of bulbs.

Guidelines for planting and forcing tulips at home:

  • • soil should be well to retain moisture, but be well-permeable.Use peat or a mixture of garden soil with sand;
  • • as a container for growing tulips in the apartment used disinfected crates, plastic and ceramic pots.Before you plant tulips in the ceramics, it is desirable to pre-soak it in water;
  • • container filled with soil by two-thirds, it pressed the bulb and gently pritrushivayutsya top.The distance between them - no less than a centimeter apart and from the edges of the pot;
  • • after planting tulip bulbs are left in a cool place with a temperature no higher than five degrees.In this step, the pot is not covered by tape;
  • • at how to take care of tulips in a pot, the soil should be constant, but moderate to moisturize;
  • • When the seedlings reach a height of 5 cm, to get them out and put on a cool light.Then they will begin to grow rapidly.

choosing a date when to plant tulips in the spring, you need to consider what to put into the planting soil should be 2-3 months before the scheduled date of flowering.Those who wondered "whether it is possible to plant tulips in the spring and get them on March 8," should know that the time of blooming bud can be set independently.Control is accomplished by controlling the temperature: it is reduced to 13 to delay or increase up to 22 to accelerate.

Growing tulips from seed

Some think not only about whether it is possible to plant tulips in the spring, but also about whether it is possible to grow them from seed.The answer is - yes, it is possible.But this process is time consuming and apply for new varieties.

Planting seeds of tulips in the ground is carried out in the spring at the same time as the onions.As the soil - a mixture of loam, sand and humus.It is better to place the beds in advance dug in a wooden box.The first division of the kidney occurs in the third year, but flowering occurs only at the fifth season.

Proper planting and care of the wonderful color tulips will make them proud to present any gardener.